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All Sales are final. We will gladly exchange any defective product for the same title within 30 days of purchase.

If you experience any technical problems with the DVD disc, please contact for free assistance.

If we determine you need a replacement disc, one will be sent to you at no charge within one week of our receipt of the defective product.

Please make sure you own a DVD playback device such as a DVD consumer player and a television OR a DVD drive and software in a computer. Because this program contains NTSC video, your consumer DVD player and television must be NTSC-compatible (Note: Many countries television standards are PAL or SECAM. Check to see if your DVD player and television will support NTSC programming before purchasing this product). If your playback device is a computer equipped with a DVD drive and DVD player software, then no NTSC compatibility issues exist with this DVD no matter where you live. This DVD was programmed "Zone 0" so it can be played in any country.


Tokens for VOD are purchased through CCBill, Epoch and TWM, Inc.

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