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Young Asian Cuties

Studio: AMK Empire

Release Date: 04/21/16

UPC Code: AM-64C


Mister, you rikee me? You rikee my small, petite body? My dericate, Asian features? My tiny rittle mouth? Oh! Mister, you soooooo big! Appalently you do rikee me! Good, because I rove you. I rove you rong time if you want. Mmm, I makee you feel good, huh Mister? It rooks rike you came gangbusters! (Ahem) Are you done, dude? Then clean up and let's go to a mall so you can buy me lots of cool shit. And I want the good stuff, made in Japan only. None of that American crap!

Tags: all sex, asian, teen, young asian cuties

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