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Transsexual Torture Chamber (TW-959)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 01/22/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039593 (TW-959)

Models: Ferrari, Monica, Asia Devil, Mistress Nicolette, Ruby, Mireya, Amanda, Gia Darling, Anna


Whips, chains, leather masks and ball gags are just a few of the things you'll find inside the transsexual torture chamber! Step inside... If you dare!

Tags: fetish, hardcore, transsexual, transsexual torture chamber

Scenes from Transsexual Torture Chamber (TW-959)

Scene 1 - Italian_Transsexual_Job_17_Amanda2mask.mp4


Scene 2 - Anna Hickhiman


Scene 3 - Asia Devil With Mireja


Scene 4 - Ferrari & Monique - Miss Big Dick

Starring: Ferrari, Monique


Scene 5 - Gia and her mistress friend help a fan

Starring: Gia Darling


Description: Mistress Nicolette tells Gia about a fan of hers who wants to serve the both of them. A tall white boy comes over to put himself at the mercy of the girls. Mistress Nicolette must have been a girl scout, as she secures his cock and nuts with a complex knot. Gia gets a round of cock slapping in before turning her attention to his backside. She beats his ass red while Mistress Nicolette strokes his cock and then whacks his ass silly. The girls giggle, as they clamp his nipples and torture his tied up meat. He sucks Gias long and skinny heels as Nicolette straps on a huge dildo and shoves it down his throat, before turning his mouth loose on Gias bulging boner. Gia switches to his ass, as he grunts like a pig getting fucked in the barnyard. Nicolette is kind, as she eases the huge dildo up his ass, while he sucks on Gias manhood like a pacifier. His pinched off nuts start to turn blue and his sack looks ready to pop, as Nicolette fills his ass and Gia offloads a healthy one in his mouth. He then jerks himself off and thanks his two mistresses for the pleasure.  

Scene 6 - Ruby keeps her young studs tied up in her basement

Starring: Ruby


Description: TiedRuby keeps her young studs tied up in her basement, where only her and her horny friends can get access to play with them. They unleash their hands, pull their hair, slap their faces and walk them like little puppy dogs. She sucks up one slaves hard cock with her mouth and uses her own stiff ding dong to massage his cock with. He splits her thick butt cheeks and penetrates her shit hole, before she steps on his chest with her high heels before getting pumped from behind. Her thick ass is just too much to handle for him and he pulls out and dumps a big load on her huge left tit. She whacks hers around and manages to barely give up even a drop of her girl jizz.  

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