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Trannies In Training

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 08/25/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026197

Models: Paola Felix, Carol Vendramine, Sandy Lopes, Patricia Sabatine, Ciara Stone


Brand New Transsexuals are hitting the streets of Brazil everyday. Most of these newbies are fresh out of boyhood. They have grown their hair and may appear feminine on the surface, but they have yet to earn enough money to buy that first set of tits or order their first dose of female hormones. We call these wannabees- Trannies in Training- where training bras are appropriate, and huge, thick cumshots still rule supreme.

length: 148 minutes

Tags: chicks with dicks, trannies in training

Scenes from Trannies In Training

Scene 1 - her hard shlong sways from side to side while riding his meat

Starring: Patricia Sabatine


Description: Patricia Sabatine is very tall with white milky skin and redish brown hair. Her tits are tuny and the tip of her cock is draped in foreskin. She towers over her Latin lover, as she slowly strips him down and starts to work his fat hog over with her dirty mouth. Patricia may still be in training, but this tranny already has learned how to fuck a cock with her mouth. And she does not require any lessons on how to stuff her rock hard 7 incher down a mans throat either. From deep inside his mouth, to the bottom of his shitter, this trannie lays him out and drills him hard. She appears a bit manly with her cock crammed in his shitter, but much more feminine as her hard shlong sways from side to side while riding his meat. He pulls out of her ass as she jerks herself off, culminating in a huge, creamy puddle. He blows his load on top of hers and they both wash it all off in the shower.  

Scene 2 - tiny boy boobs, long slender frame and budding nipples

Starring: Sandy Lopes


Description: Sandy Lopes is our very pretty Tranny in Training Cover Girl. She is very pretty with long dark hair and an almost Asian-like, exotic appearance. She meets her boyfriend in a park before heading for a hotel. He strips off her top, exposing her tiny boy boobs and very long slender frame. He sucks her budding nipples and strokes her cock, before giving her hairless prize the taste test. She hops onto his hard one, riding it while her boner points northwards. She moans and groans like a girl, but quickly changes hats, as her manly side tunnels up his ass. She splits his cheeks and fucks him hard, till they both offload together on her flat-chested frame.  

Scene 3 - Carol Vendramine is a slutty young tranny from the ghetto

Starring: Carol Vendramine


Description: Carol Vendramine is a slutty young tranny from the Sao Paolo ghetto. She stuffs her thick Brazilian booty into super tight, low rize jeans, before heading out to see her gangsta boyfriend. This slightly gay gangsta stands ready for this tranny whore to suck his tough meat, but instead chooses to nibble on hers a bit first. Her ass is tight, but he manages to break skin and bareback her shitter in multiple positions. Her cock grows with every stroke her badboy lover can give. But tough guy aint so tough no more, as she gets revenge on his anus, brutalizing his bunghole till he cant take it anymore. They both whack off and blend their cumloads together on her very tight mid-section. She showers, changes and hits the mean streets again; looking to earn some money for her man.  

Scene 4 - tall and sexy, tomboyish tranny, with the thickest ass

Starring: Ciara Stone


Description: Ciara Stone is a very tall and sexy, tomboyish tranny, with the thickest ass a "Tranny in Training" has ever had. She heads back to her room with a guy she just picked up. She towers over him physically, which makes it quite easy for him to suck her mini boy tits. She drops to her knees to suck his sausage and he does a bit of the same to her semi-hard, bite-sized weenie. He jumps on her ass and barebacks her ultra thick booty. She jumps on him in RCG and rides his hog while her hairless cock flops around doing 360s. Her dick explores the depths of his anus, as she fucks him animal style, before pulling out and blowing her tranny gizz in his gaping anus. He can not last much longer and offloads a big one of his own on her face and chest. They jump in the shower together in a team effort to thoroughly wash her super thick ass.  

Scene 5 - working hard to look like a lady but still got a way to go...

Starring: Paola Felix


Description: Paola Felix is slightly older and a bit more boyish than most of our other Trannies in Training. She is working hard to look like a lady but has yet to master the art of girlish makeup. However, her super thick ass and naturally budding breasts serve as an acceptable distraction from her face. While many trannies her age are either dead or retiring, Paola has just recently dyed her hair red and is putting in overtime in front of the local bus terminal. She finds a John and heads back to her place. Her chest maybe flatter than a table top, but her cock is harder than the average 18 year old and her BJ skills are highly polished. She butt plugs her customer, as her manly fingers reach around him for a stroke of his dangling shlong. She fucks him well, but he comes back to pound her anal canal with his northbound pointin hog. He fucks her slightly tight bunger and cums once, before re-cramming his cum-covered cock inside her for second round. He works her anus hard and offloads once again on her puffy man boobs. She continues to rub her meat, erupting in a large clear puddle all over her stomach.  

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