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Tokyo Cream Puffs 14

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 05/30/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038596 (TW-859)

Models: Riko Masaki, Kaede Kyomoto, Keiko, Nozomi Kahara


Every girl gets Cream-Pied! Loads of cream without the calories!

Tags: asian, creampie, cumshots, japanese, natural tits, tokyo cream puffs 14

Scenes from Tokyo Cream Puffs 14

Scene 1 - She gash gobbles his dick and gets a internal cum pumping

Starring: Riko Masaki


Description: Riko Masaki has appeared in Tokyo Cream Puffs before. In fact, she was cute enough then to grace the cover and hot enough now to return to get another cum dumping in her tiny fuck box. She is short and sweet, with a baby face and quiet demeanor. That changes quickly as her big tits are twirled and her furry hole is licked and fingered out. A Japanese super vibrator gets this girl squirming, as she tries to resist its power. She finally succumbs to it as well as our local cock on the scene. This horny little girl does a bit of PTM, before gash gobbling his dick and riding it to a heavy internal cum pumping. Faster than it went in, it pools and readies for its evacuation route which leads straight down to her ass crack. It continues to flow, flooding the sheets below her, as she licks up any remaining cum off h is dick tip. Minutes later he continues to pick out thick wads of jizz stuck up inside her. She showers and fingers her hole some more before cramming another vibrator inside her and getting off hard in the shower.  

Scene 2 - dressed as a schoolgirl with giant tits falling out of her blous

Starring: Kaede Kyomoto


Description: Kaede Kyomoto is a really cute brunette with dark eyes, dimples and a pretty smile. She is dressed as a school girl and likes to do Cos Play. Her monster mammaries are busting from her button down shirt seams, when suddenly out pops 2 of the prettiest giant Japanese juggs we have ever seen. Her areola are perfectly shaped and round and her nipples are pleasantly stubby, round and pronounced. Her white panties hide a symmetrically shaped Japanese oyster that opens to a slimy pink center. Her clam shell is topped off with a patch of soft, dark black Japanese fur that gleams in the light after her pussy spits up a large batch of her j-juices. The Japanese super vibe gets her flowing again, before she gets her chance to gobble up some cock with her tongue. Loads of spit lube up the cock that next slides in and out of her cleavage and up and down her stubby raisins. She lays back to take the shaft bareback, as her boobies bounce and spin in giant circles. She gets on all fours and takes it hard from behind too, while her ass crack opens to say Konnichiwa Bitches to our camera. Her J-vag gets so filled with air that it continues to fart and queef, before finally sucking up a large dumping of highly potent J-cum, that slowly drains from her hole and clings to her still puckering anus.  

Scene 3 - her pussy foams and sweats its precious J-juices

Starring: Nozomi Kahara


Description: Nozomi Kahara is our covergirl for this installment. She is super cute with a pretty smile and a perfect body. Her tits are not big but not too small either, with nipples that are puffy and responsive to stimuli, as our guy tugs and tweaks on them. She keeps her J-bush clean and well within the border of her white panty line, but as her tidy whiteys drop, her soft J-grass is seen lightly coating her warm and moist J-box. We introduce her to the super J-vibe, which she grabs for control of and warms her pretty slice. She quivers and shakes and cums before swallowing the J-rod and taking a quick shower. She continues on the bed, nibbling on ball sack and gash gobbling hard cock with her schoolgirl dress on. She takes a good bareback ride, as her pussy foams and sweats its precious J-juices. Our guy leaves her some fresh juice too; in the form of a giant cream pie that fills and then flushes out of her pretty J-slit.  

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