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the 2 boys must play by Ana's rules..

Release Date: 10/20/08

UPC Code: 822447026272

Models: Erick Leony , Ana Portilha, Arconjo


Ana is a hot little blonde with some very diverse interests. She enjoys watching 2 guys fuck each other as long as she gets some too. She makes sure the boys, Arconjo and Erick- a small Latino dude, understand and play by her rules. She helps the boys suck cock better with a hands on demonstration. They learn quickly and suck each others meat as they beat off and lick Anas pussy out. Arconjo goes to fuck Ana but is ordered to take care of young Erick first. He crams his ass and humps him hard as the 2 spoon on the bed. Erick gets a fresh taste of his own ass off Arconjos hard and long shaft. Arconjo doesnt stop there, and pulls it out of Ericks ass and straight into Anas young pussy. Ana loves all the attention so much she orders the 2 to cum all over her golden skin and sexy tan lines. They all take long showers and wash each other off. 

Tags: bi pole her 3

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