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Teen Thailand #10 (TW-894)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 10/10/16

Director: Darren Morgan

UPC Code: 822447038947 (TW-894)

Models: Tong, Gook, Tak, Jam


These teens are sweeter than Thai iced tea.

Tags: asian, teen, teen thailand, teen thailand 10

Scenes from Teen Thailand #10 (TW-894)

Scene 1 - Her eyes are dark like her nipple tips and her hairy pussy too

Starring: Gook


Description: Gook is young, bubbly and super cute with long hair, braces and a baby face. Her tight mini shorts and high loose socks look great, as she meets up with our Australian man on the local Bangkok scene. He pulls her panties down, exposing her well shaved and perfectly symmetrical puffy fuck box. He spits in her ass crack and then jams his tongue straight into her highly sensitized shit chute. He eats her ass and fingers her puss, before stuffing her mouth full of his big Falang dick. Her baby face gnaws on his wong before her Fuck slice gobbles up his dick. He tosses her around like a rag doll and stretches her slit beyond its intended capacity, before offloading some extra lubricant with a high speed, large volume mega blast all over her face. They shower and wash each other clean as the goop runs down Gooks face.  

Scene 2 - Young and skinny with the first Asian mullet we have ever seen!

Starring: Jam


Description: Jam is young with a very odd haircut. Her bangs are very short but the rest of her hair is long. She is a tiny and very skinny thing, with A cup tits and a furry Thai fuck hole. She oils Allans body and goes to work on him quickly. She may be young but she comes equipped to please a man. Her pubic forest stands on end as Allan stimulates her vaginal area. He plugs her skinny fuck slice and nearly splits her tiny frame in half, as he bulldozes his way in and out of her. She is relatively quiet and motionless as she takes the shaft, licks her pussy juice off his stick and gets her freshly fucked Thai box tongued. He sends her packing with a thick pasting of white goo all over her mouth, chin and nose... She showers, changes and splits.  

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