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Teen Tacos #3

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/16/14

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447037858

Models: Suzan Motta, Carol Castro, Isabella, Sabrina Senna, Angel Lima, Gaby Venturini, Mila Albuquerque, Paola



These girls love to eat tacos. Their favorite kind? Pink tacos! They take their time to prep them, they rub them, lick them, shove dildos in them, to get them moist and tender. When ready, they take a mouth full of juicy tacos and let the pink taco sauce drip down their chin. 


Directed by: Eduardo "Salsa Roja" Hunter


Starring: Gaby Venturini, Carol Castro, Angel Lima, Suzan Motta, Isabella, Mila Albuquerque, Paola

length: 97 minutes

Tags: angel lima, blonde, brunette, carol castro, gaby venturini, girl on girl, isabella, latin, latina, lesbian, mila albuquerque, paola, sabrina senna, shaved, shaved pussy, suzan motta, teen taco, teen tacos

Scenes from Teen Tacos #3

Scene 1 - Teen Tacos 3 - Sabrina Senna and Paola


Scene 2 - Teen Tacos 3 - Angela Lima and Suzan Motta


Scene 3 - Teen Tacos 3 - Isabella and Mila Albuquerque


Scene 4 - Teen Tacos 3 - Gaby Venturini and Carol Castro


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