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Taboo Thailand (TW-997)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 09/13/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039975 (TW-997)

Models: Bebe, Sisi, Niche, Zara, Noy, Bunny


Come explore the kinky side of Thailand! Includes BDSM play, lesbians, anal, sex toys, threesomes and more!

Tags: fetish, foreign, taboo, taboo thailand, thai

Scenes from Taboo Thailand (TW-997)

Scene 1 - absolutely perfect pair with large aerola and snappy nipples too

Starring: Bunny


Description: Bunny is a super cute little Thai chick with long hair and a very pretty smile. She is a little thick and has a perfect set of large natural tits. She loves cock and is not shy about it. Her boobs are simply incredible; an absolutely perfect pair with large aerola and snappy nipples too. Allen slaps her big knockers around, then puts her meaty ass in the air unleashing her puffed up Thai oyster and bright pink protruding clit. He eats her clamshell and she sucks his knob, before he splits her slice and power slams her pussy from behind. Her pubic hair is oddly shaven with a 5 o:clock shadow spanning the majority of her inner thigh area. He pulls out of her, fucks her face a bit and then sprays a massive one right inside her mouth and down her chin. Like a good Thai girl, she licks up all the cum and then heads to the shower to wash her perfect body down.  

Scene 2 - 2 horny Asian fuck bunnies

Starring: Bebe, Sisi


Description: Bebe and Sisi are 2 horny Asian fuck bunnies that much prefer the softness of another woman over the roughness of a man. They kiss and fondle the other, slowly stripping out of their already provacitive clothing and tearing into each others dripping fuck holes. Both girls are young, clean and very well put together. Bebe maintains a moderate amount of hair around her box and Sisi keeps her maintained in a similar fashion. They break out a super long, black, double-headed dildo that gets both girls soaked in the others sauces, before enjoying a little cool down time in the shower together.  

Scene 3 - Noy - Little Brown Fucking Machines 9

Starring: Noy


Scene 4 - Zara sucks both guys cocks and then fucks them too

Starring: Zara


Description: Zara is a very sexy slave bitch tied and chained up in Mintras underground dungeon. Mintra is quite strict issuing orders to her girl slaves as well the boys. She makes Zara suck both guys cocks and then fuck them too. She rides both cocks and uses her tight skinny body to suck up one pipe after another but Mistress Mintra is not satisfied and demonstrates herself the proper way to go about it. Zara gets it from one guy while Mintra takes it from the other and everyones desires are satisfied as Zara finally gets a big batch blown in her face.  

Scene 5 - "Fuck my ass" she says, as she greets her falang customer

Starring: Nicha


Description: Niche is one super sexy Thai girl. She has long legs, long hair and dark pretty eyes. Her skin tone is slightly whiter than your average Thai whore and it is obvious that this is a high class babe; not likely one to be trolling the streets of Sukhimvit late at night. Her tits are ultra large and extremely luscious in a country where smaller titties are the norm. Her Thai clam shell is shaven mostly clean; with just a very light layer of natural grass maintained in just the right place. "Fuck my ass" she says, as she greets her falang (white) customer to Thailand by letting him first fuck the back of her throat, then the insides of her moist and hyper sensitive pussy, and finally her totally tight Thai shitter. Her huge boobies shake as her tiny butt cheeks are ripped in two and her anus loosens up to say "Sawadee" to her new foreign friend. He plugs her anus for a long while before heading back to her pussy and finally her face, as an offloading ground for a huge load that lands straight in her mouth. She massages all extra cum droplets into her massive Asian jugs.  

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