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Taboo T-Girls (TW-992)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 08/15/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039920 (TW-992)

Models: Angelina, Alycia, Solita, Zonia, Gif, Jade, Natasha


7 Sexy T-Girls starring in 6 taboo scenes that include hard anal sex and sloppy blowjobs with their siblings.

Tags: family roleplay, fetish, taboo, taboo t-girls, transsexual

Scenes from Taboo T-Girls (TW-992)

Scene 1 - her tits are big, her penis stubby and her ass ready to swallow any hard shaft within reach

Starring: Zonia


Description: *Zonia* is tall sexy and very ladylike. She looks a little cross-eyed, her tits are big, her penis stubby and her ass ready to swallow any hard shaft within reach. She strokes her own tool before suckiong up the foreign made one we provide her with. Her new foreign friend drops low between her legs and opens wide to say sawadee to her stiffee. His cock swallows her penis with his own before readying her shit box for a stiff pouncing. She takes a taste of her own pooper fresh off his rod before he grinds her ass more and grets her to produce a tiny spattering of hormone enhanced tranny sperm. He finishes her off with a wicked face of cum that coats her nose, her eyes and her hair too. Sperm foams up in her mouth and all over her face before she showers to wash it all away.  

Scene 2 - She is very tall with thick ass cheeks and a very inviting Brazilian bunghole

Starring: Angelina


Description: Angelina is very feminine looking teacher with her glasses on, but her voice is still a bit manly. She is very tall with thick ass cheeks and a very inviting Brazilian bunghole. She takes it from behind as her hairless, foreskin coated banana dangles between her legs. Her tiny titties are natural and puffy from the hormones she has been taking. She does some ATM and then takes some more pipe, as she stokes her shlong and gets our man to cum hard. He keeps his shit stiff and punishes her asshole again, before blasting again and then her squeezing out a messy one that scatters around the room.  

Scene 3 - ample amounts of pre-cum are scattered about

Starring: Solita, Natasha


Description: Natasha and Solita are 2 transsexual sluts who love to play around together. Natasha has big tits, big lips and big hips, while Solita is slim with a long, fat shaft. These ladyboy lesbos are getting naked on the bed, probing at each others stiff noodle. They rub dongs together and poke at the others tips, as ample amounts of pre-cum are scattered about. In comes a guy who adds a 3rd cock to the party. Solita hops on first, riding his shaft as her above average shlong bounces and pounds on the inside of his thighs. They switch, as Natasha gets her chance to have her ass drilled as Solita watches and strokes her long chubby. Solita gets some more pipe, before both girls suck on his ass stinkin pole, producing a high flying, long distance cum eruption that both girls enjoy sharing. They shower together while they giggle and laugh and enjoy their time together.  

Scene 4 - Long hair, long legs, braces, giant tits and a juicy ass

Starring: Jade Oliverira


Description: Jade has a slightly manly face but the rest of her is pretty much all female. Long hair, long legs, braces, giant tits and a juicy ass are her most obvious girly features, but what one may overlook is the massive dark skinned-pink tipped Brazilian Boa that hibernates between her inner thighs. She slaps it around to wake it up a bit and then feeds large chunks to our mans willing mouth. More willing than his mouth is his ass, which invites her inside for some tunneling. She digs hard and deep and strokes his ass with a passion. He gets his turn on her as well, giving her a fat shaft to anally feed on and a giant cum shot in her mouth for protein. She works her whanker to a milky orgasm on her own stomach, before showering clean.  

Scene 5 - Ladyboy visits the doctor

Starring: Gif


Description: Gif is a very naughty Ladyboy who has come to see the doc. The doctors assistant is busy playing with herself but finally gets Gif in to see the Doc. She shows him her large breasts and thick meaty ball bag too. She pulls off her panties, exposing a fat, pink and very healthy lady penis. She grabs for the Doc's cock and proceeds to stroke it and suck it to the base of its shaft. She bends over on all fours, exposing her hemorrhoid rimmed bung hole which quickly loosens as his bareback shaft makes its way inside. Her cock goes stiff and stays rock hard throughout a thorough analysis of her anus by this Doc. He sucks her dick and then peels, skins and stretches her foreskin beyond its normal limits. He buries his cock head in her long pubic hair and strokes each other's penises before she decides to perform a colonoscopy on the doc herself. She lays him out and the n goes to work on his ass, pounding him with her stiff cock and quick hip thrusts. They switch back and he nearly rips her rhoids in two, before she strokes it fast and low whipping up a thick, high flying batch that makes it past her naval. She helps him with her hands and mouth and gets his cookies off in her mouth, which she uses to lick up every last drop.  

Scene 6 - tight and rather petite with a thick ass

Starring: Alycia


Description: Alycia is an exotic dirty blond with a cute face and a sexy body. She is tight and rather petite with a thick ass and 2 nicely shaped fresh tits. Between her legs resides a pink tipped, foreskin coated Brazilian python, that is just ready to gobble up some man ass. Her blonde boyfriend spends some time first eating her ass and grinding his cock into hers. They peel each others foreskin around with both their hands and their mouths, before he sits his ass down on her stiff rod and she proceeds to ream his shitter out. He really likes what she is serving up but also wants to return the favor too, as he splits her juicy butt cheeks and long strokes her ass canal. She gets on top of him next and uses her thick hips to ram his cock and out of her over and over again as her own penis points straight too the sky. He side stabs her and then blows half inside her ass and the rest on the outside. The cum comes gushing from her ass and pours out and all over the sheets. They jump in the shower where he is nice enough to wash her cum filled fuck chute.  

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