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Show-ers And Grow-ers (TW-933)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 07/20/17

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039333 (TW-933)

Models: Sonya, Isabella, Leticia, Pita, Nina, Luana


Are you a show-er or a grow-er? Watch these 6 sexy trans-girls show off their dicks for you and get fucked too!

Tags: big cocks, fetish, show-ers and grow-ers, transsexual

Scenes from Show-ers And Grow-ers (TW-933)

Scene 1 - Isabella Ferraz fucks her bitch from behind

Starring: Isabella Ferraz


Description: Isabella Ferraz is our cover girl for this volume. She is tall, dark and very pretty with long hair and fat juicy tits. She is wearing a bikini that can barely hide her affection for her boyfriend. Her pink tipped foreskin coated phallus busts from her bikini bottom and her boyfriend licks, sucks and jerks it to maximum bulge. He slurps a little pre-cum from her wang before she undresses him, blows him and then crams his ass full of her hard cock in RCG. The main vein on her shaft flexes as she drills his shitter bareback. She puts him all fours and reams his hole some more before he takes his turn splitting her cheeks while she yanks her frank. She dribbles some clear cum from her tip while he pulls out and creams the bottom of her ball bag up.  

Scene 2 - a white chick, packin a plump penis

Starring: Luana


Description: Luana Fiorelli has long legs and a skinny, all natural frame. She is a white chick, packin a plump penis and always smiling and looking for fun. She is young and a bit nervous, but she is ready for life as a tranny in the big leagues. She stuffs her hairless wiener in his mouth, as he fondles her small and puffy tits. They cock grapple and get lost in each others foreskin tips, as their giant ant eaters swallow up the other. Her ass faces northward as he plugs away at her smooth gliding shitter. Her skinny butt cheeks swallow up his thick stick, while her cock points up and her tight ball sack preps for some overtime. He scatters his seed first and she follows with a watery trickle. They shower and wash all the others cum away.  

Scene 3 - big tits and a healthy 7 inch stiffy


Description: Pita is our cover-girl with big tits and a healthy 7 inch stiffy. Alan rubs her ass and gropes her balls and makes her change into a pink bikini. Her hairless chubby barely fits inside her new pink panties and out it plops, as Alan jacks it around and tugs on her nuts before making her suck his cock. Pita is a horny bitch who sucks and erotically twists his dick around in her mouth. Alan pries open her foreskin, laps up some pre-cum and goes to town sucking on her fat Thai noodle, cramming his tongue deep inside her gaping piss hole. He sucks most of the pre-cum out of her, but finds a little extra to share, as they "kiss cocks," putting each others wang inside the others foreskin. They fuck the others skin, before Alan splits her shitter and long strokes her soft anus. She pops a squat on his shaft and goes RCG riding his knob, as her ample 3rd member bounces all around. Pita works Alans bright white anus loose, as she jabs at him hard while stroking his shlong. She pulls out and cums all over his balls and he uses the cum as fresh lube to stuff it up her chute one more time, while squeezing the remaining cum droplets from the end of her cock. He pulls out and discharges all over the side of her face.  

Scene 4 - long hair and librarian type glasses

Starring: Leticia


Description: Leticia is blonde and very sexy. She has long hair and librarian type glasses on. She looks smart but very sexy too as she strips down for us in some solo action. Her tits are large and round and her sun tan lines are well marked. Her legs are moderately hairy, yet her cock is nearly bald. She is dressed in a tight leather skirt as she gets things going with her boyfriend on the sofa. He starts with a healthy serving of her bung hole followed by a mouthful of her short and chubby cock. They battle swords and he wins, putting her ass in the air and plugging her soft shitter from behind. She handles his big one with ease and seems to like it as her cock is rock hard and pointing to the sky. She lays back and he pumps away as she jerks hers off to a sticky and thick white cumshot. He finally pulls out and blows a massive, high flying multiple load cum wad all over her cock and mid section too. He cleans her up in the shower before she helps him to do the same.  

Scene 5 - thick ass and completely hairless and fat headed hog

Starring: Nina


Description: Nina is very tall with dark skin, big tits, thick ass and completely hairless and fat headed hog. She makes her way to the doctor concerned that she isn't so pretty and sexy anymore. She towers over the Doctor, flashing him her tits and rapidly expanding bulge in her panties too. He uses his stethoscope to listen to the pulsation of the blood flowing to her mushroom headed cock tip. She uses her large rack to fuck his cock with, before giving the doc a taste of her wang. The doctor applies the tip of his to hers, as the two get lost inside each other's foreskin. Nina starts things off by bare backing her doctor's shit chute and stuffing him chock full of stiff Ladyboy dick. She strokes his ass and twirls her hips, while stroking his cock at the same time. She slaps his ass and reams his rectal canal, before sitting her hemorrhoid infested butthole on his stiffie. Her huge rhoid doesn't stop anything, as her cock swirls and she readies herself for another round on his anus. She likes fucking better than being fucked and gives him plenty to jerk it to, as she pulls out and shoots a gloppy one all over the tip of his dick. He uses her cum as the lube he needed to get his nut off all over her face and big tits. The two shower before saying good bye.  

Scene 6 - long hair, pretty eyes, big tits and an appetite for man cock

Starring: Sonya


Description: Sonya is our lovely cover girl who takes no shit from guys. She ties her mans arms up and then goes to work licking, caressing and working his cock over. She is a gorgeous Ladyboy with long hair, pretty eyes, big tits and an eager appetite for man cock. She is tall and skinny, very stylish with zero evidence of being a boy, until she pulls down her tiny undies and out pops a small yet pudgy penis and uni-ball model sack. She keeps her shit clean; clean enough for her man friend to stuff in his mouth and deep down his throat. They test the elasticity of each others foreskin, before he does the same to her asshole as well. Her mid-section tightens while she strokes and he plugs away. Her ass starts to sweat as he prepares to dispatch a large batch all over her cock and nuts. She continues to whack away yet has a hard time coughing one up.  

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