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Owner Gets Clipped

Studio: Smash Pictures

Release Date: 02/24/15

Director: Jim Powers

UPC Code: SM-61

Models: Kyle Stone, Nina Hartley, Yasmine De Leon, Rebecca Bardoux, Rose Red Tyrell, Jon Jon, Yasmine, Harley Dean, Logan Pierce, Mark Anthony


"I'm not a racist!"


In a riveting tale of sex, power, and money a young gold digger up ends a major professional sports league when she unveils audio recordings of her boyfriend, billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clickers, Dick Spermings racist rant. The naughty little visor wearing slut known as Z lets the recordings get out because Mr. Spermings wife is filing a lawsuit to get back the millions her husband has spent on her. It's a wild tale as Mrs. Sperming starts fucking the players to exact her revenge. Poor Dick, his empire is spirally out of control, he loses his team, his trophy, his wife, and all he cares about is black pussy.


Tags: interracial, owner gets clipped

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