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Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 05/02/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038619 (TW-861)

Models: Mikan Hayama, Yuka, Mina Kawai, Yuri Aine


The thickest and most natural Asian muffs around!

Tags: asian, asian bush, bush, fetish, hairy, oriental rugs 4, small tits

Scenes from ORIENTAL RUGS # 4

Scene 1 - Her J-slice is all original and naturally furry with long strand

Starring: Yuri Aine


Description: Yuri Aine is our super cute cover girl. She is 22 but looks much younger. She is constantly smiling and giggling as she introduces herself to us. She has long hair and a slim, tight body. She is very sensitive to the touch and admits to being addicted to sex. Her nipple tips perk with the slightest of stimuli and stand stiff at attention, as they beam off of her tiny breasts. Her J-slice is all original and naturally furry, with long silky strands leading straight down to and completely encompassing her tight pooper. Her pussy lips are dark and meaty but her clit is bright pink, as it makes its debut appearance from behind her fuzz and fleshy curtains. The big J-vibe gets her juices flowing, along with a couple of fingers he crams in and out of her. She cums and squirts and orgasms multple times. She spreads his legs and takes a taste of his asshole before making her way down his legs to suck on his toes. She mounts his cock in cowgirl and rides it hard, thrusting her hips and deep plunging his cock in and out of her. Her hairy Japanese clam shell chews up his pole and then sucks up a creamy batch that sticks to her thick lips, before she punctures her own seal, straddles him and drains the remainder out on his chest. She is extremely thankful for the cum stuffing she received.  

Scene 2 - Mina Kawaiis super cute,young and all natural with a wild unshaven J-bush

Starring: Mina Kawai


Description: Mina Kawaiis super cute,young and all natural with a wild unshaven J-bush. Shaggy meets up with her in his Tokyo bungalow where he introduces this newbie to a variety of toys along with the tip of his dick. She sucks, licks and nibbles gently as Shaggy starts to warm this cutie up, barebacking her skinny J-box all around his pad before taking a giant load of his bright white cum scattered across her entire J-lawn.  

Scene 3 - Mikan Hayama has fake lashes, colored hair, long nails and a round ugly face

Starring: Mikan Hayama


Description: Mikan Hayama has fake lashes, colored hair, long nails and a round ugly face. She has red white and blue American panties on and her light pink nipple tips, dark J-forest and pale white skin all contrast sharply. Shaggy hops on top of this first timer and jams her hard while holding the super J_vibe in place on her clit. Her furry J-clam starts to quiver and her long pubes start to glisten as they moisten with all natural J-juices. Her clit is swollen as she handles a Shaggy Nakadashi load inside her cum hungry mouth. She likes sucking Shaggys cock so much that she goes for a second round on his cock; using advanced Japanese hand techniques to get Shaggys to cough up a wicked second load in little time that she gobbles all up.  

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