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Naughty Little Asians #32 (TW-888)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 09/05/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038886 (TW-888)

Models: Makoto, Chihiro Tarashima, Anna Mibu


Our best-selling Asian series is back. 100% authentic Japanese girls.

Tags: all sex, asian, naughty little asians, naughty little asians 32

Scenes from Naughty Little Asians #32 (TW-888)

Scene 1 - Her tiny nipples resemble two mini torpedoes

Starring: Makoto Kurosaki


Description: Makoto Kurosaki is only 19 and very slender. She is small, cute and giggly. She has a pretty face, buck teeth and is extremely sensitive to the touch. Her tiny nipples resemble two mini torpedoes with nipple tips that are capable of poking your eyes out. Her vaginal interior resembles the finest grade of raw Kobe beef, protected on the outside by a thick covering of all natural thick J-fur. She sucks a mean cock and buries her face deep in her boyfriends pubic patch. She stares at the camera and sucks like a pro, stopping to swirl the tip around with her tongue and lick the area between his arse and ball bag. Her natural oils start to flow as she mounts his cock and uses her skinny hips to ride him out hard. She shakes her skinny, yet jiggly butt like a Latina girl and takes it deep, before getting overfilled with a massive load of bright white cum. It drains from her pussy and coats the long strands of soft pubic hair that surround her pussy and anus too.  

Scene 2 - Marika Hase is fresh from Japan

Starring: Marika Hase


Description: Marika Hase is fresh from Japan. She is still ocean fresh and overflowing with warm sea water. Dr. Ed gets her unclothed and performs his ritual inspection on her. Her tits get vacuumed up into his suction cups and her nipples stretch into long imported tootsie rolls. He man handles her soft bosom with his red furry mitts and proceeds to cram his bright white cock in and out of her. LIttle time passes before he erupts with a large batch of cum that sprays across her tidy pubic patch. She heads onto the next inspector who discovers a nude picture of her in her file. That is a problem and she will have to convince the inspector to let her to stay. Her tits in his face and her slush filled slice in his mouth is a good start but this chick is gonna have to give up a whole lot more if she expects any special favors. The ins pector plunges out her sushi sack, which spills and spews loads of salty ocean water all over the room while her butthole puckers and she is rewarded with a thick cum dumping which fills her gaping fuck hole and paints her battered pussy white.  

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