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My Transsexual Sister (TW-947)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 10/16/17

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039470 (TW-947)

Models: Jade Oliveria, Carla, Tamy, Wannesa Waitzel, Barbara, Raissa


My sister has a bigger cock than I do!

Tags: family roleplay, fetish, my transsexual sister, transsexual

Scenes from My Transsexual Sister (TW-947)

Scene 1 - Wanessa drills his ass and yanks his hog

Starring: Wanessa Waitzel


Description: Wanessa Waitzel (cover girl) is tall and tight with dark hair and a healthy rack with perfect suntan lines. Behind her bikini bottoms rests a man-ass eating, white Brazilian python with a meaty set of nuts attached. Her face is pretty and very girlish, but her man friend prefers to make-out with her more manly feature; her thick foreskin coated penis. He licks and sucks her tip, delving into her foreskin walls with his tongue. He pays homage to her cock for a long time, swallowing the entire thing, balls and all. She opens her mouth wide for him to fuck the inside of it, before spreading her wings and letting him bottom out in her shitter. She does the samba on his knob and fucks his cock with her ass while he strokes her bird. He bends her thick Brazilian booty over and licks it out before cramming it from behind. She talks dirty to him as he interchanges his cock with 3 fingers in her shit chute, which opens wide as he cums all over its rim. He crams it back in and out of her gaping hole, before she flips him over and does a bit of the same to his ass. She works his cock hard again, as she drills his ass and yanks his hog. She than slams his ass super hard (all bareback of course) before pulling out and creaming all over his bright white buttocks. The two jump in the shower and take their time getting clean as he uses both his tongue and cock to extract his cumload out of her anus.  

Scene 2 - Long hair, long legs, braces, giant tits and a juicy ass

Starring: Jade Oliverira


Description: Jade has a slightly manly face but the rest of her is pretty much all female. Long hair, long legs, braces, giant tits and a juicy ass are her most obvious girly features, but what one may overlook is the massive dark skinned-pink tipped Brazilian Boa that hibernates between her inner thighs. She slaps it around to wake it up a bit and then feeds large chunks to our mans willing mouth. More willing than his mouth is his ass, which invites her inside for some tunneling. She digs hard and deep and strokes his ass with a passion. He gets his turn on her as well, giving her a fat shaft to anally feed on and a giant cum shot in her mouth for protein. She works her whanker to a milky orgasm on her own stomach, before showering clean.  

Scene 3 - Horny blondie with a penis

Starring: Barbara


Description: Barbara is big and very white. Her pale skin and bleach blonde hair almost refract light while her two big tits resemble 2 bright white buoys. Her cock is large and even whiter than the rest of her, with the exception of her tranny cock head which shines a pretty shade of pink. Her puffed up titties make her man friend want to suck on them before she gets her turn to suck on his thick pipe. They gnaw at each others heads and jack each others meat around before she lays him down and crams her white stick in and out of his tan buttocks. She is not very enthusiastic about it and seems to prefer laying back and getting it instead. Her long pole stands straight as her thick ass eats up his wang. He plugs while she chugs away finally mustering up a small yet milky batch before he sprays a creamy one all over her still throbbing bright white wiener. She showers and washes clean her super thick ass and still half hard wong.  

Scene 4 - dark skin, big tits and a big fat bubble butt

Starring: Raissa


Description: Raissa Raielem is an exotic Brazilian chick with dark skin, big tits and a big fat bubble butt. Her face may not be the prettiest or most convincing of shemales, but her perfect skin tone and meaty shaft more than make up for that. She likes white men and has found a true anal virgin to spend the day with. She devours his cock and nuts and then feeds him more than mouthful of her own healthy one. They both tug before he gets ready to plug her anus. She moves her hips without any coaching and sucks his cock in and out of her. Her brawny ball bag readies as her plump penis penetrates his pooper. His tight virgin anus fights the plugging, but she persists and orders him to put his legs back and allow her anal access. She spits on his face and then sprays a large clear batch across it.  

Scene 5 - Carla has braces and a baby face

Starring: Carla Carla


Description: Carla has braces and a baby face. She is a white girl with a pony tail, tiny tits, chubby ass and a pink tipped, tight wrapped tamale hiding between her thighs. She gets her face fucked, followed by her ass and as she hops on top of him, her cock does the Brazilian samba flop; up, down and all around. Her foreskin swallows up her tip and while it is hard for her to nut up, she does get him to rocket off a fat one all over her unisack.  

Scene 6 - Tamy has long hair, long legs and perfectly tanned skin. Her tits are big and her body is beautifully toned

Starring: Tamy


Description: Tamy has long hair, long legs and perfectly tanned skin. Her tits are big and her body is beautifully toned. She can swallow big cocks with ease and her ass can gobble up several fingers at one time as well. Her ball bag is polished and pretty and her ass cheeks are giant and jiggly. She takes a big dick up her ass while her massive buttocks clap and her huge tits roll in circles. Her ding dong is a little floppy, but her boyfriends is not. It pounds her ass and then dumps a big wad just north of her ball bag.  

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