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My Transsexual Sister #2 (TW-985)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/25/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039852 (TW-985)

Models: Zulu, Jessica, Carey, Lidia, Mayra, Sabrina


We got 6 of the hottest t-gilrs from all over the world together in one movie! Watch them take big dicks from their older brothers in the ass!

Tags: family roleplay, fetish, my transsexual sister, my transsexual sister 2, transsexual

Scenes from My Transsexual Sister #2 (TW-985)

Scene 1 - Sabrina is one of the most deceptively female looking shemales ever

Starring: Sabrina


Description: Sabrina is one of the most deceptively female looking shemales ever. Long brunette hair, pretty face and smile and small set of natural hormonal puffy tits catch the attention of many men. What most men are surprised to later fun out is that this hottie also has a 5 inch stump residing between her 2 legs. Her ball sack is very small, tight and tiny with barely enough room for even one nut, let alone 2. She has a latin lover with a massive baton that softens up her ass chute right after he gets done fucking Sabrinas mouth with it. His stick is so thick it nearly rips her anus in pieces as he pumps away poolside. Her twig goes stiff and she strokes as she continues to get drilled; finally spewing a small batch on her own stomach. Her man pulls out and pastes her face with a large batch of sticky.  

Scene 2 - Carey lets her boyfriend pound out her ass

Starring: Carey


Description: Carey is not the hottest of Ladyboys, but she is looking strangely hot in her white lingerie with high heels. Her dark skin tone contrasts nicely with the white stockings she is wearing too. She takes control of things with her boyfriend, as her thick lips pucker and her long hair starts to shroud his cock. Carey may be a little hairy downstairs, a little scary in the face and flat in the chest area, but none of that matters as she hops on her mans cock and handles an absolutely high intensity ass pounding. Her cock moves and shakes and finally firms up, as her boyfriend shows little mercy on her ass. He pulls out of her bung and readies her face and mouth for a thick cumload that sprays across both her eye and chin. She cleans his shit and cum stained cock off with her mouth, before giving us one last look at her nasty cum coated face.  

Scene 3 - massive, throbbing dong with multi-functional capabilities

Starring: Jessica Ninfeta


Description: Jessica Ninfeta can make most real girls cry. Her long legs, thick ass, tight body, huge rack and modelesque appearance are more than most real girls can even imagine. Between her two legs she houses something most men would lament over as well. That is her massive, throbbing dong with multi-functional capabilities. She towers over our man and quickly goes to work on his package. He cannot ignore her thick rump and takes a lick or 2 of her shining anus and then polishes her long shaft with his tongue as well. He can barely fit half of her giant dong down his throat, but she has little trouble gobbling up his entire rod. Her massive ding dong stays rock hard and ready to split his shit and pile drive his sphincter, as she lays him out wishbone style. She gets her hole crammed too, as her Brazilian python throbs and bounces while her mushy ball sack does the Brazilian flop. She musters up a super thick and sticky batch which forms a "V" for victory on her chest, as our guy spills a wet one on her still pulsating penis. Cum flushes down the drain as the 2 shower, soap shafts and do a little ATM together to say goodbye.  


Scene 5 - Mayra is hiding under the covers as her black man friend comes in to see her

Starring: Mayra


Description: SurpriseMayra is hiding under the covers as her black man friend comes in to see her. He uncovers the blanket from her ass and starts to lick it and jam his big dick in and out of her butt crack. She awakes to suck his black pinga, staring into his eyes with her dark exotic eyes. She rips skin from his cock she sucks so hard and he slowly preps her anus for over 10 inches of black Brazilian BBQ. He pounds her ass, slapping her butt cheeks and pulling her hair as he drills a new anal canal from Rio to Sao Paolo. Her cock stays as stiff as can be from start to finish and she rides the cock and strokes her ding dong in a masturbation frenzy, eventually spilling large quantities of potent tranny jism all over the sheets. He crams his cock in her so far it literally splits her in two, before launching his cum globs across her inflated tits. She keeps stroking and cums a bit again before going back to sleep.  

Scene 6 - Lidia is a tall Ladyboy with long legs, long hair, long arms and enormous tranny feet

Starring: Lidia


Description: Lidia is a tall Ladyboy with long legs, long hair, long arms and enormous tranny feet. She licks toes and fucks feet with her tits, before sucking it up with her mouth and stroking his penis with her high heels. Our white sex tourist puts his toes to work on her dark, stumpy baby elephant. He then swallows her manliest feature and pastes his own cock tip to hers. His white skin pales in comparison to hers, as he mounts her anus and fills her sphincter full of cock. Her cock flops and her asshole softens as it prepares to swallow a load of imported cum. She continues to stroke her ding dong and with his help she finally blasts off a high flying sticky one across her pubic hairs. She showers and washes clean.  

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