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Miss Big Dick Brazil #4 (TW-974)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 04/23/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039746 (TW-974)

Models: Walkiria Drumond, Yasmin Rios, Mylla Pereira, Wannesa Thayna, Gia


Girls from Brazil have bigger tits, bigger asses, and bigger cocks!

Tags: big cocks, fetish, miss big dick brazil, miss big dick brazil 4, transsexual

Scenes from Miss Big Dick Brazil #4 (TW-974)

Scene 1 - This girl is comes equipped with a weapon of ass destruction

Starring: Walkiria Drumond


Description: Walkiria Drumond is an exotic looking thing with long hair and tanned white skin. She is a horny girl and is ready to get her ass licked and her dick sucked. Her tool stands hard, thick and very long. This girl is blessed with a weapon most men would sacrifice one nut for, and her boyfriend pays it its respective homage. They rub their cocks together energizing them for a battle. He goes to work on her ass first, splitting her cheeks in two as her stiff dong stands at attention. She goes for the same penetration on him and his skinny ass handles her monster hog well. She lays him out and finishes him off by pulling out of his ass and blasting big on his balls and still stiff rod. He uses her cum as the cream he needed to get his healthy nut off as well.  

Scene 2 - dark skinned latina mama with big tits and a meaty shaft


Description: *Wanessa Thayna* is a dark skinned latina mama with big tits and a meaty shaft between her legs. She has very few tan lines, even on her cock and in her ass crack. She is hungry for penis and gets right to it with her confidential client. Behind the safety of closed doors the 2 get busy rubbing cocks, docking their tips together and sword fighting one another. They suck each others cocks and he then hops on her flag pole to take a ride. He rides while she strokes and thrusts. He swithces with her and works her in a way to make her shaft sway and spin in circles. She yanks as he jabs and the 2 finally blast a couple of batches off on her chest. Cum drips from her body onto the bed and into their shower where they clean up together.  

Scene 3 - Between her suntanned thighs is a respectable sized wang

Starring: Yasmin Rios


Description: Yasmin Rios is a very convincing shemale with dark hair and a slim figure. Her ass is on the smaller side, yet perfectly round and very bubbly. Between her suntanned thighs is a respectable sized wang that instantly gets stiff. Her tits are young, fresh and firm which all goes together well with her meaty hog which busts from her g-string. Her cock is at least 6 inches and hard like a teenagers; giving her a multitude of options when playing with her man friend Her hairless ball bag is nice to lick and her penis tip is filled with yummy pre-cum for him to enjoy. She handles his entire fat shaft in her throat and has no problem breaking skin on his anus, as he opts to hop on her stiffie first. Her own buttocks is like butter, soft and inviting as he penetrates and pounds away at it. She strokes while he rams, and she easily musters up a very milky one on her own mid section. He pulls out, mixing a big one all over her cock and still sticky cum glob.  

Scene 4 - Kawame Ferrari is a brunette with a super models body

Starring: Kawame Ferrari


Description: Kawame Ferrari is a brunette with a super models body and no signs of being anything other than a real girl. Her tits are large and inflated, along with her ass which are home to large deposits of silicone implants. Her penis is real and it is long and hard and capable of inflicting damage on a mans ass or mouth. Hers is bigger than his and it is in that pecking order that she gets first crack at his ass. She rips through his skinny buttocks and battle rams his anus all over the room, before he gets his turn on her. He fucks her hard and then eats out her freshly fucked anus, as she twists off a batch most real guys would be very envious of. He coats her overinflated tits with a respectable batch of his own.  

Scene 5 - ripped body, 6 pack abs and a giant barbell between her legs

Starring: Mylla Pereira


Description: Mylla is our covergirl with a ripped body, 6 pack abs, well defined shoulders and giant barbell waiting to tear through her underwear and shred any anus in close vicinity. She is hard and healthy and she offers up much more than a four course Brazilian supper for our guy. Her cock alone is enough to fill someone up orally but when you are getting it anally as well, there is more than the average guy can handle. She skillfully gobbles up our guys penis too, blazing through it like a tiny treat for her massive appetite. She ass gobbles his stiffie as her hips go on auto and her hard wang shakes, twists and swings from side to side. She hard stuffs his oven with her 11 inch all-u-can eat special and gives him a free custard desert served inside his still gaping hole. He finishes her off with a giant mouthful that bubbles, dribbles and drips down her face. They both shower together.  

Scene 6 - Gia is tall, dark, slim and sexy

Starring: Gia


Description: The Master and the SlaveGia is tall, dark, slim and sexy. She keeps her slave tied up in a garbage chute and then only lets him out on a very short chain. She slaps his ass and prepares the silver bullet to punish this naughty slave. She busts out her pink tipped black cobra for him to play with and then proceeds to shove it in his mouth. She licks his pixie stick and than crams her dark baton deep inside his colon. He grunts and moans and takes it from her hard in a variety of positions. Her puffy nipples expand and harden as she pumps away, finally spanking her black monkey and squirting thick white cream up and down her leg and near his face too. He pastes his semen on her puffy tit.  

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