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Miss Big Dick Brazil 3

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/13/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038770 (TW-877)

Models: Cassia, Nataly, Karolle, Gizelle, Raica, Isabelly, Amanda Kiss, Marcella


Starring 8 XL hung shemales!

Tags: brazilian, fetish, huge cock, miss big dick brazil 3, transsexual

Scenes from Miss Big Dick Brazil 3

Scene 1 - Nataly spits on her cock tip - Scene #2

Starring: Nataly, Paola Lima


Scene 2 - They undress and he sucks her silicone inflated tits before saving his mouth for her silky smooth girl shaft

Starring: Karolle


Description: Karolle is strolling through the park looking real pretty in her summer dress with her long blonde hair. She meets up with a guy who heads home with her. They undress and he sucks her silicone inflated tits before saving his mouth for her silky smooth girl shaft. She finds his backdoor open for business and crams it up his ass and feeds him a little ATM too. They switch and he splits her 2 giant butt cheeks and makes her massive ball bag bounce from front to rear and side to side. He pulls out to blast off in her face before she offers him up a mouthful of her thick creamy tranny cum.  

Scene 3 - her girl cock is hard, fat, long and ready to spooge thick globs

Starring: Marcella Italy


Description: Marcella Italy is our very lovely Cover Girl. She has long dark hair and dark sexy eyes. Her lips are thick, her tits are massive and her girl cock is hard, fat, long and ready to spooge thick globs of yummy Brazilian tranny cum. She lays on the bed with her thick ass hiding her hairless hog and ample nut sack. Her boyfriend latches onto her thick rod and sucks it while slaps it around on his tongue and feeds him much more than most mouths were made to handle. Her cock is fatter than his, but she has no problem peeling his foreskin cap back and washing his entire shaft with her lips and very long tongue. She hops on his hog and rides it out in RCG, as her rather large nut bag slaps against his shaft and bag. She fucks his cock hard as her large whanker flops from side to side and up and down. Its his turn for some stuffing and she fills him to the brim, as her big shaft bottoms out somewhere inside his shitter. She flips him over and starts a sprint to the finish line, pulling out and spraying her thick tranny seed straight into his well stretched popper. She shoves her cum covered cock back inside him, before he uses her soft anus as a dumping ground for an anal creampie, which her strong sphincter sucks up far beyond the site of our cameras.  

Scene 4 - Isabella Ferraz fucks her bitch from behind

Starring: Isabella Ferraz


Description: Isabella Ferraz is our cover girl for this volume. She is tall, dark and very pretty with long hair and fat juicy tits. She is wearing a bikini that can barely hide her affection for her boyfriend. Her pink tipped foreskin coated phallus busts from her bikini bottom and her boyfriend licks, sucks and jerks it to maximum bulge. He slurps a little pre-cum from her wang before she undresses him, blows him and then crams his ass full of her hard cock in RCG. The main vein on her shaft flexes as she drills his shitter bareback. She puts him all fours and reams his hole some more before he takes his turn splitting her cheeks while she yanks her frank. She dribbles some clear cum from her tip while he pulls out and creams the bottom of her ball bag up.  

Scene 5 - a beefy ass, big tits and meaty foreskin covered Ant Eater

Starring: Raica


Description: Raica Placido has dirty blonde hair and a textbook tan. She is thick all over, with a beefy ass, big tits and meaty foreskin covering up her chubby Brazilian ant-eater which resides between her legs. Her boyfriend kisses her all over, paying special attention to her shaved anus and puffy nut sack. She sucks his dick and he devours her fat one, before bending over and allowing her to plow a path from his sphincter to his prostrate. She thrusts and drives and then lays back to get a plug from him as well. She rides him in RCG, as her sheathed fuck stick does the Brazilian cock-flop. She tugs out a milky one and deposits it on his ass, while he preps a sloppy one for the right side of her face. Cum drips from her cheek to her chest, before they shower together and clean things up.  

Scene 6 - Cassia is sexy and discreet

Starring: Cassia


Description: Cassia Carvalho is our Shemale Confidential Cover girl. This beauty knows the importance of being discreet and most area hotels in Sao Paolo don't even know she isn't a "real" girl. She has long dark hair and braces. She has a pretty figure with big tits, thick hips and juicy lips. She meets her man on the streets for their private encounter. She is dressed ultra sexy in her tight jeans and very small shirt. They waste no time getting back to the room and getting undressed. Her large tits are text book and her braces add an interesting twist to her cock sucking skills. Her ass is as thick as they come and her ball sack and ding dong are pretty healthy as well. She gives some head and then gets some herself, before her man friend takes a deep squat on her seat post. He thumps and rides it before she lays back and suck his fatty in and out of her soft anus. Her cock and saggy balls stiffen as she does the samba on his cock while jerking her bird. She spits up a thick and high flying wad before he pulls out and offloads in her deep breast cleavage and covers her chocolate colored nipple tips. The two shower and gently wash each other's cum away as he starts to plug her willing anus once more.  

Scene 7 - Blonde Bombshell with a Loaded Weapon

Starring: Gizelle


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