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Miss Big Ass Brazil #13 (TW-962)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 02/12/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039623 (TW-962)

Models: Monique, Erika, Paola, Alana


Brazil is home to the best asses in the world and we found four who love anal.

Tags: big ass, foreign, latin, miss big ass brazil, miss big ass brazil 13

Scenes from Miss Big Ass Brazil #13 (TW-962)

Scene 1 - Monique Carvalho has long curly sexy hair and a baby face.

Starring: Monique Carvalho


Description: Monique Carvalho has long curly sexy hair and a baby face. Her thighs, ass and hips are so thick and built to withstand the hardest of poundings. Her mouth is also built to handle the fattest of cocks, as we put this youngster to the test. She screams and shouts as things heat up and her pussy and anus start to soften. Straight from her pussy and ass to directly down her throat, this chick does it all. She claps her ass cheeks together as she gash gobbles the large pipe we vaginally and anally feed her. Her efforts earn her a high flying cum missle that coats her neck and chest too. She showers clean and says goodbye.  

Starring: Paola


Scene 3 - MBAB13_1_Alana.mp4


Scene 4 - MBAB13_2_Erika.mp4


Scene 5 - MBAB13_3_Paola.mp4


Scene 6 - MBAB13_4_Monique.mp4


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