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Japanese Cougars Gone Wild #3 (TW-882)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 09/19/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038824 (TW-882)

Models: Miriya, Yukari, Asami, Tomomi


These Japanese moms are on the prowl for young stiff cocks!

Tags: all sex, asian, cougars, japanese, japanese cougars gone wild, japanese cougars gone wild 3, milf

Scenes from Japanese Cougars Gone Wild #3 (TW-882)

Scene 1 - First World Amateurs in Japan - Milf Edition 4 : Miriya


Scene 2 - She is only 18 and is very cute

Starring: Tomomi


Description: Tomomi just had her baby a few months ago but her body is still plump and filled with lactate and hormones. She is only 18 and is very cute and still very much in love with cock and sperm in her hole. Her breasts are dark, plump and inflated full of creamy J-milk. Her areola are larger than 500 yen coins and her mouth warmer than a Japanese toaster oven. She sucks a cock in and out of her mouth, slurping, sucking, tonguing and tickling testicles and man ass. She handles a couple of vibrators before craving for the real thing inside her tight hole. Her hole has been untouched for a while, so it takes a bit of re-breaking in and warming up, but as things loosen up she works hard to earn herself a belly load of fresh J-jizz.  

Scene 3 - she is looking for a young stud to fill her wild fantasies

Starring: Yukari Yukari


Description: Yukari is an extremely healthy 41-year-old with huge natural tits. She is calling her regular escort agency, looking for a young stud to fill her wild fantasy. A young, tall and skinny dude makes his way over to milk this big titted mama. Her furry hole and bright pink slice are spreading her cougar scent around the room, as he chows down on her deep hole. She returns the favor by licking his body down, sucking his tits and working over his hard dong. She spits on his tip and titty fucks his whanker almost to the point of orgasm. This cougar carries a couple of extra pounds around, but wears it very well. Her fuck chamber is filled with squirt that he gushes around, before some 69 and a hard pussy banging. Her extra baggage jiggles, as her big tits bounce and she begs this young stud for even more. He gives it to her good and works her heart rate up high, as he pulls out and feeds her every last bit of his potent reproductive potion. She is thankful for a taste and promises to have this young stud back again.  

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