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I Love Ladyboys / 4-Hours

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 10/13/14

Director: Darren Morgan

UPC Code: 822447038015

Models: Nadia, Aor, Jakki, Jennie, Gift, Noon


6 of the hottest ladyboys come together in one DVD.  4 hours of soft and silky Asian ladyboys with tight and tiny siam toys. Theses beauties have nice tight bodies, small breast and a tight little ass for you to slide into but not before they suck your cock with a mouth made for blowjobs. These ladyboys will make you fall in love and have you saying “I Love Ladyboys” if you don't already.


Directed by:Darren Morgan


Starring: Noon, Nadia, Jakki, Gift, Jennie, Aor



Tags: aor, asian, asian shemale, gift, grooby, i love ladyboys, jakki, jennie, nadia, noon, shemal, trans, transsexuals, ts

Scenes from I Love Ladyboys / 4-Hours

Scene 1 - Aor is only 19 with long dark hair and a very pretty face

Starring: Aor


Description: Aor is only 19 with long dark hair and a very pretty face. She is all natural with puffy brown hormone tits and a medium sized whanker. Its not the smallest we have ever seen but certainly not the largest either. Allan massages it with his hands and next with his mouth, swallowing the entire twig and her ballsack too. They sword fight and compare the elasticity of each others foreskins, before Allan punctures her seal and goes to work on her shit sweaty ass. Her tiny cock stays hard from beginning to end and makes its way up Allans ass, as she pumps his shit and strokes his dick at the same time. She pulls out, straddles Allans face and tosses off a triple blast of watered down cum right into his mouth. It dribbles down his chin as he sucks the remaining out of her tip and fires one off all over her face. He kisses her and laps up his own cum too with his tongue.  

Scene 2 - Her tits are swollen with hormonal fluids and her cock is stiff like a Siam sausage

Starring: Jennie


Description: *Jennie* has long dark hair, long eyelashes, braces and pretty red lipstick on her cock hungry lips. She has been summoned to a foreign mans hotel room and starts a massage which gets his cock throbbing. She starts to suck his bright red pole with her brighter red lipstick which puts a shiner on his tip. Her own cock is a floppy brown Thai model with ample girth and pl iable foreskin that Allen tests to its limits with both his own dick and his lips too. Her tits are swollen with hormonal fluids and her cock is stiff like a Siam sausage. Allen tears through her tight and tiny shitter while her dong flops up down and all around. he puts her on all fours and milks her dick like an utter on a Thai dairy cow; eventually releasing a small but stringy batch of potent ladyboy jizz. Allen lets his fly across her cock and hairy nut bag too. She showers and flushes all the cum away.  

Scene 3 - pierced tongue, foreskin blanketed floppy dong and pink shit box

Starring: Noon noon


Description: Noon has short hair and a baby face. She has a little extra meat on her bones compared to the average Thai chick, but that works well on giving her a chubby ass for lots of anal romping. Her cock and nuts are both completely hairless, and her shit box liner is pink in color. Her pierced tongue is proficient at knobbing cock and her skinny long, foreskin blanketed floppy dong, is just the right size for Allen to fondle with his mouth. His fat headed cock swallows hers up, as they kiss tips and his own foreskin blankets her tip and sucks it up inside his. Her ass foams as it lands his foreign object deep inside and works it in, out and all around her deep bowels. A clear liquid eruption shoots from her tiny tip, as Allen prepares to coat her mouth and face. He shoots across her head, into her hair and all around her mouth. She showers clean, packs away her reptile and heads back out to work.  

Scene 4 - Gift is a brunette with a pretty face, sexy smile, long dark hair

Starring: Gift


Description: c, natural hormonal tits and a skinny Thai twig, with a funky bend in it that easily stiffens with a small stroke or 2. Pre-cum drains like sap from its tip as her chubby ball bag bounces while she whacks the whole thing around. Allen finds the dramatic bend in her twig interesting and quickly examines its functionality inside his mouth. They kiss dick tips and share a little foreskin fun before she eases her shit hole onto his shaft. Things start to loosen up as her ass starts to sweat and her Siam sausage starts to get stroked. She musters up a small and watery one that pools in her foreskin walls before Allen leaves her with a face-full and chestful of imported cum. She washes all the cum away, changes and leaves.  

Scene 5 - Nadia is a tall and skinny T-girl who is very hot and very horny and very convincing as a real girl

Starring: Nadia II


Description: Nadia is a tall and skinny T-girl who is very hot and very horny and very convincing as a real girl. She may in fact be prettier than most real girls too; as she sucks face, swallows cock and jams her own stubby girl cock deep down our guys throat. He tugs on her baby elephant trunk with his mouth before kissing cock tips and swabbing foreskin sheaths. She sits her skinny frame and butt-cheeks down on our Englishmans cock, riding his long stick with her cock flopping and ball sack dangling. She chirps and squeaks and finally squeezes out a sticky one all over his shaft which is still buried up her ass. He pulls out to spray her in the face with a large batch of his own. She showers it all away.  

Scene 6 - she sucks up his English noodle with her mouth

Starring: Jakki


Description: Jackie came to give Allen a cooking lesson. She will make him traditional Thai soup. When they look for something to stir the soup with Jackies cock comes in handy and first stirs the tonsils in the back of his throat before she sucks up his English noodle with her mouth. He plugs her bottom and pumps away at her cock hungry shitter. He drives her penis into a frenzy and gets her ass to sweat buckets as he pounds her from top to bottom, before she dribbles all over the base of her own hairless hog. Allen twists one out, coating the same area her cum lies. She showers and cleans all the cum up.  

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