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How To Train A Hotwife 2 (NS-79M)

Studio: New Sensations

Release Date: 09/14/16

UPC Code: NS-79M


Ryan and Cassidy have the dream marriage both emotionally and sexually. But after a heated sexual encounter one night, Ryan confides in Cassidy a desire to have her with other men. Taken aback, but curious nonetheless, Cassidy takes to the Internet and discovers the erotic world of hotwifing. She becomes aroused by stories shared by couples, all of which have equally stable and satisfying marriages, and her interest in the lifestyle begins to grow. Knowing that his wife is receptive, Ryan begins gently pushing her to fulfill his wildest fantasies. With the help of his best friend, some sex toys, and good, old-fashion role play, Cassidy soon discovers that hotwifing isn't just about her husband's desires, it's about hers as well.

Tags: all sex, hotwife, how to train a hotwife 2, wives

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