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Hairy By Myself 3

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/06/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038756 (TW-875)

Models: Nanny, Nina Devon, Janet, Amy Faye, Ivanna


Super exotic and hairy young things masturbate for you!

Tags: hairy, hairy by myself 3, masturbation, solo

Scenes from Hairy By Myself 3

Scene 1 - She has dark, thick, brillo like hair surrounding her pussy and ass

Starring: Nina Devon


Description: Nina Devonis dark chocolate and just super fine. She has dark, thick, brillo like hair surrounding her pussy and ass, crawling up her stomach, spreading across her ass cheeks and overtaking her under arms. She has a pretty smile and a perfect set of tits. She strips and then fingers her afro hair, splitting her dark black lips and squishing all round the slush in her neon orange slice. Her afro-pubes are tight and curly and soon soaked with her own juices. Her pussy is very tight but warm and inviting for a white cock to enter. She rides the white pony hard, slamming her black ass against his thighs and gash gobbling his cock up. She stops to lick her juices off the white shaft and then lays back to take it wild turkey style and cums hard all over his fat pipe. He keeps going and finally dumps his load straight into her pussy and together they watch it pour, drain and drip out and down to her ass, as she puckers her little black hairy monster.  

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