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Ed Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 04/20/15

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038282

Models: Sabrina Kamoei, Michelly, Aika Kikukawa , Dominique, Nana, Nicoly Assuncao, Crys


From the early days of porn, few have seen the business the way veteran industry Director Ed Hunter has. From the dense jungles of Thailand to the topless beaches of Brazil, Ed has been on a 1 man international crusade to bring the hottest, most ethnic, niche and never seen before performers to video. Under exclusive contract withTWM and also a partner for 15 years now, Ed continues a hurried pace lifestyle; jetting between continents and meeting more Shemales and Females than any other person in the adult industry.

Tags: ed hunter, ed hunter lifetime achievement award, ladyboy, shemale, transsexual

Scenes from Ed Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award

Scene 1 - Crys and Dominique - italian trans job 13


Scene 2 - Her sack dangles as her foreskin capped sirloin gets served

Starring: Nicoly Assuncao


Description: Nicoly is a sweet and sexy brunette tranny with a super thick booty and big round tits that are ready to pop. Below her giant boobs is a tight mid section which leads directly to the meaty surprise hiding in wait between her legs. Her sack dangles as her foreskin capped sirloin gets ready to be served. Her man friend wastes little time getting it plump, hot and ready to jab at the back of his throat and later on deep inside his shit chute. He fucks her first, but she handles him even better, shredding his chamber as her thick butt cheeks lead the charge toward a fat scattering of Brazilian made salty-clear-steak-sauce on his butt cheeks. He finishes her off with a back full of cum that coats her from top to bottom. They shower together and clean things up a bit.  

Scene 3 - This Shogun has one of the smallest samurai swords ever

Starring: Aika Kikukawa


Description: Aika Kikukawa is a pale skinned tranny in a sexy purple nightie with fishnet stockings on. Her puffy tits and raisin shaped nipples are textbook pink, similar to her bunghole. This Shogun has one of the smallest swords, or possibly biggest clits we have ever scene before; measuring barely an inch when rock hard. Her nut bag is a uni-sack model; barely large enough to house even one tiny nut. Her man uses his hand to rapid finger her ass, which gets her going so much that her tiny ding dong coughs up a respectable wad of high quality J-tranny cum. Her doll face and lips suck up his hard one as she stares straight into the camera. He lays her out and tears her an even looser anus, as she musters up another bit of clear liquid from her millimeter tweeter. He bends her over and works her shitter from behind too, before flipping her back over for a final pounding culminating in a face full of jizz.  

Scene 4 - Sabrina


Scene 5 - Michelly has a tight belly, big tits, hairy legs

Starring: Michelly


Description: Michelly has a tight belly, big tits, hairy legs, well-defined suntan lines and a pudgy headed penis. She fucks her man hard and then takes a ride on his pole, before scattering cum nuggets which cling to the hair on her inner thighs.  

Scene 6 - Her asshole comes pre-stretched and ready

Starring: Nana


Description: Nana is our long legged and very pretty cover-Tranny for this volume. Her hair is long, her tits are large and her massive shaft is fully shaved. Her asshole comes pre-stretched and ready for a penis of any size to get stuffed up there. Her cock quickly grows into a hard Thai wood baton, as she straps 2 guys to chairs and begins to tease and torture them. She force feeds them both large servings of her meaty stick, before rubbing her cock with theirs and then joining dick tips. She spits on their knobs while sucking them and their ball bags too. Her right hooking boner stands stiff, while one cock after the other makes it in and out of her soft anus bareback. Her shlong flops in circles as it spins its way around the room. Dan and Paul spice things up a bit as they test the elasticity of each others bung holes too, while Nana stuffs them each chock full of hard tranny cock. Nana coughs up a creamy one on Dans chest, as the two boys ready to discharge on her big boobs and face too. The 3 shower, change and say goodbye.  

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