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Cream Filled Japanese Fur Burgers #3

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 07/11/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038794 (TW-879)

Models: Ayum Kisa, Arisa Hirahama, Akira, Rin Matsuura


Certified organic! Jucier than kobe beef!

Tags: asian, cream filled japanese fur burgers 3, cream pie, hairy, japanese

Scenes from Cream Filled Japanese Fur Burgers #3

Scene 1 - Her symmetrical lips are cleanly split with a sap filled forest

Starring: Arika


Description: Arika is taking a nap before being waken up by her boyfriend. She has dark hair and a very pretty body. Her tits are large, round and nearly perfect. They stand firm on her chest and are capped with tootsie roll shaped nipples that are very sensitive to the touch. Her pretty pussy is cleanly shaven and about as neatly formed as they come. Her symmetrical lips are cleanly split, opening to reveal a pinkish colored sap filled forest just waiting for pollination. It takes very little to get this chick off and the Super Japanese Vibrator certainly does the trick. It puffs her J-puss up before she laps up some extra cock for desert. Her oral skills are polished and she stares straight into the camera as she sucks away showing us her sexy BJ face. Her hungry cunt vacuums up cock as she squeaks and moans away while getting jammed. Her clit puffs and expands beyond its rated capacity, as he fertilizes her forest with a highly concentrated sprinkling of sperm, which oozes out of her puss and drains straight toward her puckering anus.  

Scene 2 - kinda cute with an 80s haircut and a silly smile


Description: Ayumi Kisa looks a little dumb. But that is a good thing in the land of the rising sun, usually indicating she likes to fuck a lot. She is kinda cute with an 80s haircut and a silly smile. Her tits are small but her raisinettes are fat and perky, as they cry out for even more stimulation. Between her two skinny legs resides a tri-toned, scary hairy J-slit; going from dark to light and back to dark raw kobe beef color as we take a little peak inside. She knows what the big J-vibe is capable of and respects its powers, as it steamrolls its way through her bushy turf. She lets her tongue rest on some nut sack, as she licks from his ass crack up and down the tip of his dick. She hops on top and does all the work, fucking his cock with her hairy monster. Static electricity is in the air, as her pubic strands stand up and salute the upcoming onslaught of sperm that marches its way deep inside her before retreating and running back out of her. She showers and washes away all the goo.  

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