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Brazil Nuts (TW-886)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 08/22/16

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447038862 (TW-886)

Models: Letricia, Joyce, Sandi, Isabelly, Vivi Dantas, Renata


Do your balls hang low? Do they swing to and fro?

Tags: brazil nuts, fetish, transsexual

Scenes from Brazil Nuts (TW-886)

Scene 1 - her main dish stays warm until serving between her two legs

Starring: Vivi Dantas


Description: Vivi has dark skin and exotic features. Her long dark hair is for starters with her big breasts and hard body up next. But her main dish stays warm until serving between her two legs. From behind it is her thick Brazilian rump, but up front its her stealthy Brazilian sausage that makes men beg for more. Her cock stands tall and proud and has a prominent leftward lean to it. It jams Ericks mouth and throat before introducing itself to his hungry bottom. She taps it hard and in multiple positions too, as she massages Ericks prostate with her wang. She gets some of the same in her ass, but only harder and faster than she gave it. Her no-fat Brazilian phallus stays stiff as it rockets off a tiny shot, before Erick lands his special sause all over her tan buttocks. They shower together and say goodbye.  

Scene 2 - She teases you with all her parts

Starring: Joyce


Description: Joyce Naturelle is far from natural anymore.... her long hair, big fake tits and silicon injected ass are certainly all man made. However, she does have one all-natural item still on her body. That is her pink-tipped, pudgy penis and burly brown ball sack. They sword fight then suck and pay close attention to the others foreskin curtains. Her pierced tongue hugs his rod tight, before his shaft splits her bung hole with all its might. Her big tits shake as her tranny voice grunts and she unleashes some fury on his hairy white ass. She pile drives her way through his hole and pulls out to discharge on his hairy belly. His penis, which pales in comparison to hers, finally coughs up a thick, high flier which clings to his own body hair. She showers and twirls her soaped-up hog in circles.  

Scene 3 - long hair and librarian type glasses

Starring: Leticia


Description: Leticia is blonde and very sexy. She has long hair and librarian type glasses on. She looks smart but very sexy too as she strips down for us in some solo action. Her tits are large and round and her sun tan lines are well marked. Her legs are moderately hairy, yet her cock is nearly bald. She is dressed in a tight leather skirt as she gets things going with her boyfriend on the sofa. He starts with a healthy serving of her bung hole followed by a mouthful of her short and chubby cock. They battle swords and he wins, putting her ass in the air and plugging her soft shitter from behind. She handles his big one with ease and seems to like it as her cock is rock hard and pointing to the sky. She lays back and he pumps away as she jerks hers off to a sticky and thick white cumshot. He finally pulls out and blows a massive, high flying multiple load cum wad all over her cock and mid section too. He cleans her up in the shower before she helps him to do the same.  

Scene 4 - Isabella Ferraz fucks her bitch from behind

Starring: Isabella Ferraz


Description: Isabella Ferraz is our cover girl for this volume. She is tall, dark and very pretty with long hair and fat juicy tits. She is wearing a bikini that can barely hide her affection for her boyfriend. Her pink tipped foreskin coated phallus busts from her bikini bottom and her boyfriend licks, sucks and jerks it to maximum bulge. He slurps a little pre-cum from her wang before she undresses him, blows him and then crams his ass full of her hard cock in RCG. The main vein on her shaft flexes as she drills his shitter bareback. She puts him all fours and reams his hole some more before he takes his turn splitting her cheeks while she yanks her frank. She dribbles some clear cum from her tip while he pulls out and creams the bottom of her ball bag up.  

Scene 5 - A big cock slams into Sandi Fernanda's ass

Starring: Sandi Fernanda


Description: Sandi Fernanda is a tall blonde with long straight hair and huge tits. Her legs are very long and covered in tiger skin stockings, which she begins to slowly peel off. Her ass is extremely thick and her shlong is hairless, measuring in at a stealthy 6. Her man sucks on it like a pacifier, peeling back her foreskin like a ripe banana, exposing her slightly malformed penis tip. Her ass is soft and inviting as he slides his way in and drills his way deep inside her anal cavity. Her tight nut sack stays in one place as her cock continues to flop all around, as he high speed drills out her hole to double its initial capacity. He grunts and groans as she gives him a taste of the same. She sucks his cock while tugging her own tool, finally coughing up some clear glue that squirts and coats her suntanned groin area. He uses her gaping anus as a a depository for a large load of his own.  

Scene 6 - Renata is tall and very stylish; similar to a runway model

Starring: Renata II


Description: Renata is tall and very stylish; similar to a runway model. She brings a man home and makes him comfortable by taking off her shirt, feeding him some boob and then cramming his mouth with her healthy girl cock and saggy nut sack. Her balls slap his face while her cock tip slams the back of his throat. He mounts her ass first, digging spinning and pile driving her anus before she crams 4 fingers up her own chute, jerks her turkey and lands a massively thick and creamy load in her new mans mouth.  

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