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Who is your MAMA SAN

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 09/13/06

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025138

Models: Joy, Nok, Nit

Series: Who Is Your Mama San Series


 Directed By: Dimitri Wolfe

Joy - our Sexy Cover Lady! 38 years old, super tight, sexy, and filthy-mouthed lady next door.

length: 180 minutes

Tags: who is your mama san 1

Scenes from Who is your MAMA SAN

Scene 1 - whos_your_mama_san_1_whos_your_mama_san_1

Starring: Joy


Description: Joy is the Cover Lady for this installment. She is tall, dark, slender and very sexy. Her raisin tip nipples stand at attention as her shaved box sucks up Allans meat.  

Scene 2 - whos_your_mama_san_2_whos_your_mama_san_2


Description: Kong deserves the distinction of "Bulbous Booty Bangkok Bar Mama." Her thick, juicy ass does not just sit on a bar stool, it rides cock like an Urban Cowgirl.  

Scene 3 - whos_your_mama_san_3_whos_your_mama_san_3

Starring: Nit


Description: Nit has Indian ancestry. She is a buxom, 30 year old Milf with luscious large mammaries; just perfect to sink a large cock between. Her years of experience are obvious, as not only her front door is open for business but so is the rear.  

Scene 4 - whos_your_mama_san_4_whos_your_mama_san_4

Starring: Nok


Description: Nok is about 90 pounds of young mama; minus the stretch marks. Her erect nipples are just perfect for sucking and squeezing. She is one cock hungry mommy and James shaft bottoms out in her shallow box.  

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