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Tokyo Cream Puffs #8

Studio: Asian Eyes

Release Date: 04/04/11

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447036172

Models: Ichigo, Miyuki, Riko Masaki, Nana Oshikiri


Every year, tons of good cum gets wasted as it is blown inside a young J-girls hole, only to be slowly drained and spilled out from inside her. The sticky jizz slowly streams, gathering speed as it flows downhill.

length: 119 minutes

Tags: j girl, tokyo cream puffs 8

Scenes from Tokyo Cream Puffs #8

Scene 1 - few girls are more cherry than this one

Starring: Ichigo


Description: Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese and few girls are more cherry than this one. With a pretty baby face, big eyes and a cute smile, this big titted charm is as sweet as they come. She is dolled-up in her school girl costume with her completely hairless and puffy hole barely hidden behind her bright white panties. Her big boobs are peeking through her shirt as she starts to warm to our mans touch. Her firm boobies are capped with 2 pin point nipple tips, which stand proudly on end. Her bald J-flower is filled with natural sap which seeps with very modest stimulation. She grabs for the J-pole and inhales the entire thing with her mouth and tongue. A mini vibrator gets her clit popping and her hips shaking, before we cram her puffy fuck hole full of cock. She squeaks, screams and coos, taking it in a mix of positions before succumbing to a cum punch blown deep inside her hole. Her slice quivers and shakes and with the help of his finger, out spills globs of raw cum. She licks his stick clean and says goodbye with cum clinging to her tongue.  

Scene 2 - Her tits are larger than most J-chicks and deeper cleavage too

Starring: Nana Oshikiri


Description: Nana Oshikiri is a pretty girl with long hair and a very sexy body. Her tits are larger than most J-chicks and her cleavage is deeper too. Her skirt is very short and her panties are starting to sweat. She has an annoying laugh, a dark bush and a bright pink center inside her pretty J-slice. She is stimulated easily, which is apparent from her pudgy round nipples which harden and fatten as our guy warms her up. She licks our man down and salivates all over his cock while doing the Japanese 69, before taking a ride on the J- shaft. She works it all around inside her, as her sappy slice slobbers its slick slime all over his shaft. She gets rammed and then filled with cum, which quickly drains from inside her fleshy hole and heads straight down to her ass.  

Scene 3 - She gash gobbles his dick and gets a internal cum pumping

Starring: Riko Masaki


Description: Riko Masaki has appeared in Tokyo Cream Puffs before. In fact, she was cute enough then to grace the cover and hot enough now to return to get another cum dumping in her tiny fuck box. She is short and sweet, with a baby face and quiet demeanor. That changes quickly as her big tits are twirled and her furry hole is licked and fingered out. A Japanese super vibrator gets this girl squirming, as she tries to resist its power. She finally succumbs to it as well as our local cock on the scene. This horny little girl does a bit of PTM, before gash gobbling his dick and riding it to a heavy internal cum pumping. Faster than it went in, it pools and readies for its evacuation route which leads straight down to her ass crack. It continues to flow, flooding the sheets below her, as she licks up any remaining cum off h is dick tip. Minutes later he continues to pick out thick wads of jizz stuck up inside her. She showers and fingers her hole some more before cramming another vibrator inside her and getting off hard in the shower.  

Scene 4 - She vaginally swallows a bundle of cum and then spills it out

Starring: Miyuki


Description: Miyuki may be Japanese but that does not mean she is smart. Her IQ is likely well below the countrys average. Dumb J-chicks are an easy lay and this one is no exception. She is wearing her schoolgirl dress and long loose socks, as her nipple tips stand on end and her pussy starts to inflate. She meows like a kitten as her puffy puss starts too swallow some hard J-beef. She pants and heavy breathes as she gets it from on top, behind and below. She uses her baby-fat coated legs to work the J-rod in and out of her. Vaginal J-slush starts to build, as the super J-vibe gets her to orgasm over and over again. She vaginally swallows a bundle of cum and then quickly spills it all out from deep inside herself. Our man picks some extra globs out and feeds it to her hungry mouth along with his cum covered cock.  

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