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Tokyo Cream Puffs #4

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 09/21/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 436052700021

Models: Manami Ohtsuki, Yukina Aoyama, Yu Izawa, Yuri Aoyama

Series: Tokyo Cream Puffs series



Best Internal Series

Tokyo Cream Puffs is back again; only this time with even more thick J-cream making its way deep inside and then spilling out of the loveliest selection of J-pussies around...

length: 202 minutes

Tags: tokyo cream puffs 4

Scenes from Tokyo Cream Puffs #4

Scene 1 - tokyo_cream_puffs_4_1_tokyo_cream_puffs_4_1

Starring: Yukina Aoyama


Description: Yukina Aoyama is a professional soapland chick whose skills with foam and creamy substances stand second to no one. She uses shaving cream to foam up her big luscious tits and white skinned body, before giving her customer the full on soapland treatment from start to finish.  

Scene 2 - tokyo_cream_puffs_4_2_tokyo_cream_puffs_4_2

Starring: Yuri Aoyama


Description: Yuri Aoyama is a very sexy J-slut with nice eyes and a pretty smile. She is watching an adult movie when she suddenly finds herself sucking on our guys cock. She slow sucks and teases his hammer for a long time.  

Scene 3 - tokyo_cream_puffs_4_3_tokyo_cream_puffs_4_3


Description: Azumi Kawakami has a thick muffy muff and soft tits, which are much larger than the average J-chick.  

Scene 4 - tokyo_cream_puffs_4_4_tokyo_cream_puffs_4_4

Starring: Manami Ohtsuki


Description: Manami Ohtsuki is a horny girl who agreed to our offer to fuck on camera for the very first time. She uses her feet to massage our cameraman's ball bag and takes off her shirt showing us her small and very pretty tits that are are bra-less under her tight summer shirt.  

Scene 5 - tokyo_cream_puffs_4_5_tokyo_cream_puffs_4_5

Starring: Yu Izawa


Description: Yu Izawa is a sexy mama who is horny almost all the time. Her pussy lips are thin, yet spread open wide, exposing her bright neon, orange-colored puss.  

Scene 6 - tokyo_cream_puffs_4_6_tokyo_cream_puffs_4_6


Description: May Lyn comes from China and is very much like your average young J-girl, with the exception of her somewhat boyish face. She speaks Japanese, is very petite in size and is rather shy like a J-chick. She is only 89 pounds and 19 years old; and her tits still look like they should be in a training bra. Her pussy is an all natural Chinese model, with ample hair, thick lips, pronounced clitoris.  

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