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Thick Chocolate Shakes

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/09/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026067

Models: Gabi, Layla , Allanda Barros, Nina Savage, Lebara


  What in the world is better looking or tasting than a Thick 

Chocolate Shake? Third World Media knows how to mix up some of the finest shakes around- The thick and very dark Latina variety,

length: 188 minutes

Tags: ebony, thick chocolate shakes

Scenes from Thick Chocolate Shakes

Scene 1 - thick_chocolate_shakes_1_thick_chocolate_shakes_1

Starring: Nina Savage


Description: Nina Savage is a luscious dark chocolate sista, with long thick hair, green eyes, slutty purple eye shadow and juicy blowjob lips. She cleanses her thick body in a foamy bath, as her black stallion comes in to watch her stir up some bubbles with her ultra bubbly ass.  

Scene 2 - thick_chocolate_shakes_2_thick_chocolate_shakes_2

Starring: Gabi


Description: Gabi is a milk chocolate covered shaker with perfect tits, thick juicy ass and thunder thighs. Her butt cheeks jiggle, but not because they are fat. This girl is perfectly thick and sweet, as her black man is about to find out while sampling a taste of her ass.  

Scene 3 - thick_chocolate_shakes_3_thick_chocolate_shakes_3

Starring: Allanda Barros


Description: Allanda Baros is our thick and creamy chocolate Cover Girl. Her hair is long, thick and dark. Her belly is pierced and her tits have huge areola.  

Scene 4 - thick_chocolate_shakes_4_thick_chocolate_shakes_4

Starring: Layla


Description: Layla is a big thick sista who is walkin the streets in a mini skirt, showing off her big hips as they sway from side to side.  

Scene 5 - thick_chocolate_shakes_5_thick_chocolate_shakes_5

Starring: Lebara


Description: Lebara lives in Rio, and has customers visit her apartment for sexual fun. Her thick ass and thighs completely swallow the G-string she is adorning.  

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