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Teen Thailand #2

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 02/22/10

Director: Darren Morgan

UPC Code: 822447027095

Models: Nicha, Coco, Mintra, Paris, Kanda

Series: Teen Thailand Series


 When walking the streets of Bangkok or Pattaya, one marvels at the daily additions of new 18 year old girls hitting the streets everyday.

length: 100 minutes

Tags: teen thailand 2

Scenes from Teen Thailand #2

Scene 1 - Paris is from Bangkok; not France

Starring: Paris


Description: Paris is from Bangkok; not France, and spends most of her free time trolling the back alleys off Sukhimvit. She has met a generous man who is into having Cos Play sessions at his house. She is pretending to be a cop and is lookin g real cute in her mini skirt police uniform. She drops to all fours and starts to suck his cock before he flips her over to chow a little putang. Her breasts are very large and beautiful too; all natural with extra large aureola. Her dark eyes focus in on his cock, as it makes its way from her mouth to her soft vagina. Her pussy foams and seeps its young juices, as her big knockers bounce with each stroke of his cock. Her clit swells as it sucks up the last bit of his cock along with a solid load of his cum. She pulls his dick out of her hole, as cum flushes out from deep inside, spilling its way back onto his still throbbing erection.  

Scene 2 - this maid cleans his shaft with her wet Thai fuck mop

Starring: Coco


Description: Coco is our very young and very cute Cover-girl. She is playing Maid today and is cleaning house for one of her better customers. Her red and white maid uniform is very cute and she does a very fine job of cleaning. She d oes a much better job, however of cleaning his shaft with both her mouth and young, wet Thai fuck mop. Coco is tall, dark and a bit skinny. Her pussy has a small patch of hair and a well defined clitoris. Her nipples fit her name Coco well- as her dark black nipple tips make for something nice to play, lick and suck on. He bends her over the table, leaving only her fishnet maid stockings and hi-heels on, as he does a little cleaning of his own deep inside her pussy. She hops on top and pole dances on his hog, fucking it with everything she has. She rides him RCG before sucking up a load of his cum with her vaginal vacuum cleaner. Once it powers down, all the cum she sucked up comes spilling out, soiling the room she just got finished cleaning. She has earned herself some extra "cum cleanup duties" today.....  

Scene 3 - Her butt cheeks are still bruised from a recent bondage session

Starring: Mintra, Kanda


Description: Kanda and Mintra have a plan to awake up a sleeping foreigner in the absolutely best way a man can imagine. They roll him over, as Kanda takes Mintras commands and starts sucking his still sleeping hog. It awakes quickly as Kandas warm saliva covers his wang. The girls practice some English while directing the scene, as Kanda busts out her huge tits and sheds her lingerie to show him her nearly bald shaven fuck chamber. Her butt cheeks are still bruised from a recent bondage session, but she still hops on his cock and sets her hips and slice on auto-pilot. Kandas pussy queefs, as her Australian man pumps her airtight hole full of cock. He winds up pulling out, straddling her face and blasting a healthy one all over her nose, eyes and mouth. Her friend Mintra asks her in near perfect English; "You like, yes?" and she replies over and over again; "Yes, yes, me like."  

Scene 4 - remembering her days of English 101 in suckee fuckee school

Starring: Nicha, Mintra


Description: Niche is hanging with Mintra and the two are up to no good. Mintra came in to spy on Niche who is busy sucking some Australian dudes wang. "You like suck cock today?" asks Mintra, remembering her days of English 101 in suckee fuckee school. Niche is a hotee and knows exactly what a man wants. Her face is very sexy but her nicest features are her mass ive all natural tits. "Can you show me woobie doobie?" Mintra asks; apparently forgetting parts of her second semester lesson plans. Niche does show us her Woobie Doobies and they are an amazing pair. They go along great with her thick round bottom and warm fuck hole. "Oh yeah... Fuck show me!" she commands to her friend whose pretty gash gobbles up his entire white shaft. Her massive rack shakes and bounces as she works him over from on top; twisting and shaking her hips to earn herself a healthy creampie which dribbles from her pussy. "I want show you my pussy!" Niche exclaims, as she splits the curtains and extracts even more cum from deep inside her box. "Yes, you like cock cum near your pussy all time right??" as Mintra leaves us with some things to ponder....  

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