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Teen Japan #4

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 09/07/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026821

Models: Rui Aikawa, Aya Seto, Aya Fujii, Airi Nakajima

Series: Teen Japan Series



Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

A good word to describe Japanese teens today is "Genki." Genki means happy and fun loving; a quality that J-chicks all seem to share. They are very cute and a bit shy as well, which makes their sexuality even more erotic and mysterious too!!!!!

length: 140 minutes

Tags: teen japan 4

Scenes from Teen Japan #4

Scene 1 - teen_japan_4_1_teen_japan_4_1

Starring: Aya Seto


Description: Aya Seto is our Cover Girl and one very sweet little love machine. She strips out of her school dress for a photo shoot, before getting fully molested by our local stud on the scene.  

Scene 2 - teen_japan_4_2_teen_japan_4_2

Starring: Rui Aikawa


Description: Rui Aikawa is young and a little dumb looking, but very cute overall. It takes very little effort to talk this girl into showing off her J-vag for our camera. Her legs are long, her skin is white and her pink nipples and well defined, wet asian flower are filled with slippery J-sap.  

Scene 3 - teen_japan_4_3_teen_japan_4_3

Starring: Aya Fujii


Description: Aya Fujii is a cute little doll who has the pleasure of meeting veteren J-man- Chocoball Mukai.  

Scene 4 - teen_japan_4_4_teen_japan_4_4

Starring: Airi Nakajima


Description: Airi Nakajima is wearing a sexy long dress with no bra on, as her highly stimulated nipples pop out at our camera and say "Konichiwa" (Hello) to us all.  

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