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Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 03/07/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025343

Models: Karin Aizawa, Kaoruko Wakaba , Satoko, Aya Hasegawa, Rei Himekawa, Serena , Shizuna Sakuragi

Series: Tokyo Cream Puffs series



Best Internal Series

 Tokyo Cream Puffs is a new series from Third World Media; Volume 1 is the companys recent Best Selling New Release! #2 is even more Cream-Filled as Shaggy Nakadashi and his crew (Bushy Nakamura and Stumpy Yamamoto) perform their confectionery magic on 7 unsuspecting Japanese pastries. 

length: 169 minutes

Tags: tokyo cream puffs 2

Scenes from TOKYO CREAM PUFFS #2

Scene 1 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_1_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_1

Starring: Karin Aizawa


Description: Shaggy grabs Karin first. This little girl does not require any more cream to be sweeter than she already is, but that does not matter as she works over Shaggy hard to earn her gloppy gift.  

Scene 2 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_2_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_2

Starring: Serena


Description: Shaggy can dump loads in girls all day long, and next up for him is Serena. He starts with a vibrator on her, as the camera captures a very inviting pussy fart from Serena. That is all Shaggy needed to hear, as he hops on this slender and sexy 19 year old, and leaves a nice frothy white marmalade mixture in her compact mini oven.  

Scene 3 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_3_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_3

Starring: Aya Hasegawa


Description: Aya is this naughty nurses name. This thick and juicy Japanese caretaker starts with an oral inspection of the crews genitalia and prescribes a double creampie to help the boys feel better. They had absolutely no problem following this nurses orders.  

Scene 4 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_4_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_4

Starring: Rei Himekawa


Description: Shaggy is always hogging the prettiest girls for himself. Rei Himekawa is our Gorgeous Cover Girl. She is a professional cock tease with big luscious jugs and a full figured beautiful body. Her thick lips encompass Shaggy's blender as her sexy eyes play with his head.  

Scene 5 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_5_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_5

Starring: Shizuna Sakuragi


Description: Teamwork is the motto as Shizuna, a young Office Lady with long dark hair, prepares to be inseminated multiple times over. Her juices are flowing over as the boys go to work. Her goopy extract along with a good helping of cream from the boys, makes for one very nutritious concoction we have yet to name.  

Scene 6 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_6_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_6

Starring: Kaoruko Wakaba


Description: Now, Shaggy is not feeling well and needs to see a nurse. Kaoruko gets the call. This cute nurse with long sexy hair just got out of nursing school.  

Scene 7 - tokyo_cream_puffs_2_7_tokyo_cream_puffs_2_7

Starring: Satoko


Description: Satoko is only 21 years old and works in an office. She has long eyelashes and short hair with a cute, round face. This thick Japanese girl is no stranger to sweets, but she had no idea what was cumming when she agreed to go home with Shaggy and Bushy.  

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