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Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 07/07/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026104

Models: Kaike, Rudolfo, Bruno, Erick Leony , Kawa, Junior, Breno


 Being gay and living in South America is pretty cool. There is a never ending supply of good looking guys, the weather is warm, and the sex is very hot. Male-only massage services are all the rave, and Third World Media explores this phenomenon with its very first Latin Gay 

length: 115 minutes

Tags: gay porn, tight latin manholes 1


Scene 1 - tight_latin_manholes_1_tight_latin_manholes_1

Starring: Kaike, Erick Leony


Description: Erick (Cover Stud) is a massage therapist who has been working on Kaikes stiff spots lately. Erick is a long haired Latin dude, who massages Kaikes nude body.  

Scene 2 - tight_latin_manholes_2_tight_latin_manholes_2

Starring: Rudolfo, Breno


Description: Rudolfo is interviewing for new masseuses in his gay massage parlor. Breno is todays interviewee. Rudolfo is tall, with milky white skin, dark hair, and plenty of experience in male nude massages.  

Scene 3 - tight_latin_manholes_3_tight_latin_manholes_3

Starring: Kawa, Junior


Description: Kawa is in the mobile massage business and is making a house call to Juniors place. Kawa is strong and muscular while Junior is smaller and skinny. Junior is complaining of backside pain and Kawa is confident he can help him out.  

Scene 4 - tight_latin_manholes_4_tight_latin_manholes_4

Starring: Rudolfo, Bruno


Description: Bruno sets up and appointment with Rudolfo for a massage and consultation. Rudolfo puts his magic hands to work on Brunos back. Rudolfo is tall and slim with dark glasses and Bruno is very short and skinny with dark hair.  

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