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Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 11/08/06

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025213

Models: Mark, Tun, Aum I, Kong II

Series: Tight Asian Manholes series


 Directed By: Dimitri Wolfe

Also Starring: 
Aum - 18 year old with super slim 98 lb. body, juicy fat cock, and a tight little brown nut-sack.

Third World Media is very happy to announce the long-anticipated sequel to Tight Asian Manholes. Volume one topped the charts, and #2 is even hotter!!

length: 180 minutes

Tags: gay porn, tight asian manholes 2


Scene 1 - tight_asian_manholes_2_1_tight_asian_manholes_2_1


Description: Aum and Allan are just killing a little time stroking each others cocks on a quiet afternoon. One thing quickly leads to another as Aum swallows Allan entire nut sack all while warming himself up for a sword fight and subsequent ass pounding.  

Scene 2 - tight_asian_manholes_2_2_tight_asian_manholes_2_2


Description: Mark admits to liking smaller cocks. James might have lied just a little to con this unsuspecting little Thai Boy into the sack.  

Scene 3 - tight_asian_manholes_2_3_tight_asian_manholes_2_3


Description: Kong has an interesting looking penis with a dark brown shaft and a swollen pink head. Allan is absolutely mesmerized by it and enjoys sucking deep down on it; all very much to Kong delight.  

Scene 4 - tight_asian_manholes_2_4_tight_asian_manholes_2_4


Description: Our Cover Boy Ton is only 18 years old and still very innocent; that was until he met James. This fair-skinned, skinny kid, with a rock hard cock and slightly hairy ass, loves men who are much bigger physically then he is.  

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