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Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 01/24/11

Director: Joe Pusher

UPC Code: 822447027781

Models: Falon, Jessica, Kathleen, Casey, Fi, Felitia


Asian chicks in the USA have a clean and honest image. Rarely does one think of an Asian girl as a slut or whore who would fuck and suck cock for money, but those are exactly the kind of hot Asians we have been finding in Third World Americas Koreatown

Tags: third world america koreatown


Scene 1 - gave up on modeling and now sucks dick for money

Starring: Falon


Description: Falon is 18, Chinese and originally hails from Texas. She came to LA to be a fashion model, but things did not quite work out as she intended so today she is sucking Joe Pushers cock with the hopes of forging her modeling career ahead.. Fallon is a hottie; skinny and tight with a cute smile, spunky attitude and sexy eyes. She stands only 4 feet 11 inches and barely 92 lbs. Joe puts her on all fours and makes her crawl to his cock. She crams it in her mouth sucking deep and hitting the back of her throat with it. She gags a bit but works it over hard and deep as she stares into the camera, licks some nut and begs for a load from Joes fat cock tip. He delivers and fills her oral orifice with a fat one that she pools in her mouth, scrapes off her chin and gobbles the remainder up.  

Scene 2 - Cambodian, Chinese and Indian and she is spicy and ready

Starring: Fi


Description: Fi is an Asian hottie who called Joe and four hours later showed up completely naked and ready go. This girl is Cambodian, Chinese and Indian and she is spicy, hot and ready to cook. Only 18 years old, this girl is all natural with an unusually thick rump too. Only 5 feet tall and weighing in at barely 105 lbs, this small girl likes to suck fat cocks and talk dirty too. She sends a shout out to everyone she knows and her boyfriend too, as she sucks, strokes and man handles Joe Pushers fat rod. She backs her ass up on his cock, fucks it a bit and then stuffs it straight in her mouth again. She licks his balls clean and then opens wide to gobble up some thick globs of Joe Pusher cum. She scoops up any extra cum around and eats it too.  

Scene 3 - This Korean hottie has a thick body and big tits and not shy

Starring: Felitia


Description: Felitia is an 100% pure Koreatown chick. This Korean hottie is not shy like the typical Asian girl maybe. She is far from petite and instead is nicely thick with incredibly huge tits. She brought her chopsticks along and is ready to eat a fat cock roll. Her pretty face gobbles up his shaft, using the chop sticks to shovel an extra inch or two in and out of her mouth. She is becoming very Americanized and has taken further steps today, as she gets slapped with a fat wang, sucks up some white balls, uses her bouncy big tits to slap a c ock around and having the back of her throat fucked for the first time ever. She is rewarded for her acclimation with a massive wad of cum splattered all over her face, in her eyes, and up her nose. She is kind enough to still send a big shout-out to Third World and Joe  

Scene 4 - She can not stop giggling..

Starring: Jessica


Description: Jessica is a San Diego girl now in the Koreatown area. She is 25 and hails from the Phillipines. She has never been on film before and Joe gives her her debut. She came ready to suck some dick and gets to work fast. She works his dick over slowly, yet skilled and pays ample attention to his nuts as well. She works her mouth around and around and gets Joe to blast off a thick one straight in her mouth. She opens wide and cum spills out and all over the carpet. She can not stop giggling..  

Scene 5 - ready to do anything if she can earn a couple bucks

Starring: Kathleen


Description: Kathleen needs some cash and met up with Joe in a hotel room to earn some. She just turned 18 and is ready to be fucked on film for the first time ever. She gets half naked and jumps up and down on the bed while screaming "I need a job." She has a tight body and perky nipples and is ready to suck cock if it will fast track her to some extra loot. She backs her pussy up on Joes knob and fucks it for a bit, before putting it back in her mouth for a quick taste. Joe pumps her hard and fucks her fast, filling her puffed up fuck box full of his big dick. He pulls out one last time and fills her mouth full of a large quantities of cum.  

Scene 6 - her mouth and tongue are wrapped around both his balls

Starring: Casey


Description: Casey is an Asian girl from LA with a hairy pussy and big real tits. She came to Joe to suck some cock and gets busy right away. Her dark skin tone contrasts nicely with Joes white color; particularly when her mouth and tongue are wrapped around both his balls at the same time. She works hard for her prize, which Joe delivers in the form of a high flying cum blast that lands past her hair, on her forehead and partially in her mouth too.  

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