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Superior Posteriors

Studio: Third World Media, Joe Pusher

Release Date: 10/01/12

Director: Joe Pusher

UPC Code: 718122135554

Models: Bootylicious, Courtney Will, Erica Torres, Sonia, Nalgna Perez


In the LA hood there is one part of the female physique that is revered more than any other. Big Fat Asses rule the streets and earn these girls any favors they desire. Joe Pusher puts these girls ASSets into the spotlight as 6 Brand New never on film before girls come for their first auditions ever!!

Bootylicious is young and all natural with long hair, pretty smile, partially shaved ghetto patch and a tiny set of puffy tits. But it is this girls ass that earns her accolades and the attention of OG Gangstas like Joe Pusher. She drops to her knees and does the ghetto nasty on Joes chubby chorizo. She kneels down and then feels great as she takes a massive Joe Pusher cum dumping on her face. First time ever on camera

Courtney Will is a spunky young thing who just met Joe out at the supermarket. Within minutes he has her back at his pad with her pants down around her ankles and her sweet puffy young titties ands plump ass just beggin to get slapped. This girl is physically fit and cock hungry too, as she chews Joes sack and sucks his shaft up and down and all around. She bends from the hips and lets Joe Pusher do some pushin as he fucks her hard from behind with her giant butt cheeks slapping his thighs. She likes it hard and gets a huge cum blast all over her face as a reward for her efforts. First time ever on camera

Erica Torres is another first timer who has never been on film before. Her ass cheeks are huge and her face is so cute. She is all natural and she loves to lick Joes balls while jacking off his cock. She stares into the camera with her dark sexy eyes and then as Joe straddles her face power blasts her entire face and hair too with a large amount of cum. 

Nalgona Perez is from Santa Ana Orange County. She has a very pretty face and one of the largest asses we have ever seen. This newbie first timer has never been on camera. Everyone has told her that her ass was too big but Mr. Pusher told her thats her best asset. She has a super hairy pussy as well and along with a big set of tits this Santa Ana slut is muy gusta. She opens wide and swallows large portions of Joes shaft all at once, while stroking and sucking nut too. Her ass is so huge its hard for Joe to even find her pussy and when he does he finds it super tight. He makes her suck some more and then drops a batch on her face and in her mouth.

Sexy G is a naughty looking Latina slut from Long Beach. Joe is in her apartment and she is showing herself and her big ass off to a camera for the first time ever. Her long blonde hair nearly reaches to her giant sized bottom which she pops in the air for Mr. Pusher to inspect. She earns herself a load on her face for her audition. 

Sonia is a dark skinned naughty Latina from LA who is hungry for cock in both her mouth and her pussy. After bending from the hips to suck Mr. Pushers dick, she drops on all fours to take his cock from behind. She slaps her giant ass cheeks against his thighs, pulling it out and sucking off some juices in between vaginal plungings. They fucks some more and then suck some nut before laying back for a splashing of cum across her face and on her tongue. She is so happy. 

All new girls, Never on film before!! 100% Real First Timers with the Largest Asses in all of LA!!


starring: Bootylicious, Courtney Will, Erica Torres, Nalgona Perez, Sexy G, Sonia

length: 102 minutes

Tags: big butt, blond, blonde, joe pusher, superior posteriors

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