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Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 03/16/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 22447026494

Models: Eve, Eye, Toei, Ae, Jenny, Nuu, Nan, Noon


Black Ops Central Intelligence Division has been engaged in covert operations in Southeast Asia for over 2 years now. From grungy city streets to the thick jungles of Thailand and other impoverished Third World nations, this elite unit is relentless when it comes to capturing and interrogating their beautiful transsexual prisoners.

length: 128 minutes

Tags: chicks with dicks, spunk, tranny sex

Scenes from Spunk

Scene 1 - Her long fingers stroke her even longer shlong

Starring: Nan


Description: Nan is young, hot and very sexy. She is a prisoner in the Black Ops correctional facility and is chained from her neck. Her hands however, are left free to whip out her stiff one at anytime and whack it around a bit. Her long fingers stroke her even longer shlong, which points upstairs toward the Officers Quarters. Jerking off is part of the price these prisoners have to pay in their captivity. She licks her high heels, as she strokes her monkey hard; finally whippin up a creamy batch that she lands deep inside her high heel stilettos.  

Scene 2 - spunk_1

Starring: Toei


Scene 3 - spunk_2

Starring: Eve


Description: Eve got a very hot pair of high platform boots on, as she dances around in our Briefing Room. Her patent leather pink dress covers her lace g-string, which does very little to hide her most manly feature.  

Scene 4 - spunk_3

Starring: Eye


Description: Eye happens to have blue eyes and a pierced nose. Her tits are rather large and her face very exotic. She is branded with pasties on her nipple tips, while her black g-string is swallowed up deep inside her very pronounced and thick booty.  

Scene 5 - spunk_4

Starring: Ae


Description: Ae is dark skinned and very pretty. She has high heels with fishnet stockings and pink panties on. She lies in the barracks, massaging her cock as it breaks through her panties skin tight seal.  

Scene 6 - spunk_5

Starring: Noon


Description: Noons dropping some sack in the Recreation Room. Her balls are falling out of her red panties and slapping her black patent leather chaps.  

Scene 7 - spunk_7

Starring: Jenny


Description: Jenny is a disobedient detainee who loves to dance and shake her tight booty while wearing a huge white wig and gold shiny shorts. Her massive baton stretches the gold polyester material to its limits, as she breaks it out and starts getting busy.  

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