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Six In Me #2

Studio: Smash Pictures

Release Date: 12/01/12

UPC Code: 824452113084


Length 2 hrs. 26 mins.

School teacher Sarah Shevon teaches a night class for adults trying to get their GED. It doesn't take her long to figure out these men are more interested in learning about what her pussy looks like than the subjects she covers. To help them focus and get it out of their system, she opens up her holes for a jam packed marathon of ass fucking, man ass licking, double penetration, double vaginal, double anal, and deepthroating mayhem climaxing in a facial drenching of epic proportions!

Rich Sophisticate Sheena Ryder gets what she wants in life. The big house, the nice car, the expensive clothes, and now she wants six men to service her every sexual desire. Using them like her sex puppets, she goes on a wild afternoon romp fest of double penetration and anal train action! Her asshole is literally blown out as it is analyzed to the maximum capacity then filled with a creampie and her face is drenched in cum!

Cheerleader Jennifer White gets invited by one of the football players houses that they hang out at on the eve of the big game. If it's one thing these huge black athletes missed about college was that white pussy. They show the youngest players how to plow white girl poon as little Jennifer is ripped asunder with huge black cocks plowing her tight little rear hole wide open! She's like a meat puppet being double stuffed in both holes while chocking on massive negro dick. Drenched and creampied in all her orifices with ebony semen, the cock drunk cheerleader can only mumble, "bring it on!"



Jennifier White

Sarah Shevon

Sheena Ryder

Mark Anthony

Wesler Pipes

Jack Napier

Jason Brown 

D Snoop

Jon Jon

Tags: gangbang, interracial gangbang, six in me 2

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