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She stomps on his nuts with her high heels torturing him

Release Date: 10/27/08

UPC Code: 822447026173

Models: Mai


Mai is a pretty young nurse, who is taking a quick break from her job to pleasure herself in an empty room in the clinic. Her skin is milky white, yet her hair is dark accenting her very pink and fresh nipple tips. She is growing some grass on her infield too, but keeps the lawn well manicured. She gets herself off with a pocket rocket, then gets back to one of her patients who is bandaged and mute from his recent accident. She feeds him his meds through his asshole, which he quickly rejects, by farting, passing gas and stinking up the entire floor. She is pissed and takes her anger out by ball gagging his mouth and beating his cock and body with a stick. She stomps on his nuts with her high heels, torturing this patient before providing a little of the care she took an oath to give. She sucks on his stiff cock, as his bandage laden face lays reactionless. She gives him her tits to suck on, providing a bit more personalized and motherly care. He gets to chow down on her pretty box and little butthole too. Bandages and all, our patient gets busy stuffin this young nurses slice. He gets his fix before the doctor comes in, blowing a sappy one all over her stomach.

Tags: pissed off japanese bitches

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