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Pretty Little Latinas #38

Studio: Third World Media, Latin Eyes

Release Date: 10/25/06

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025190

Models: Selena, Anna Bella, Jessica Leon, Renata, Samantha

Series: Pretty Little Latinas series


 Directed By: Ed Hunter

Samantha - our Luscious Latina Cover Girl. 20 years old with blonde hair,

length: 180 minutes

Tags: pretty little latinas 38

Scenes from Pretty Little Latinas #38

Scene 1 - pretty_little_latinas_38_1

Starring: Samantha


Description: Samantha is our beautiful blonde Cover Girl. She is still a little girl at heart and loves to snuggle up for a nap with all the teddy bears she won at the Rio Carnival.  

Scene 2 - pretty_little_latinas_38_2

Starring: Anna Bella


Description: Anna Bella is very small and compact. She is a little firecracker with long dark hair, shaved pussy and soft willing ass just waiting to get split in two.  

Scene 3 - pretty_little_latinas_38_3

Starring: Jessica Leon


Description: Jessica Leon is one of our beautiful 18 year old sisters from Pretty Little Latinas #37. This very tiny, yet top-heavy newbie has a gorgeous natural D cup rack and perfectly maintained landing strip.  

Scene 4 - pretty_little_latinas_38_4

Starring: Selena


Description: Selena has some goals in life. As a college student, she has plans that lift her out of the ghetto and into the fastlane. She is obviously smart enough to realize that sucking a little cock along the way can not hurt anything,  

Scene 5 - pretty_little_latinas_38_5

Starring: Ana Paula


Description: Ana Paula was a naughty girl in her youth. Still only 22 years old, she is 7 months pregnant and it shows; from her large sexy mommy tummy to her lactating D cups nipples, this mama-to-be apparently still needs to get some of her wild past out of her.  

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