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Pretty Little Asians #50

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 07/16/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025565

Models: Megumi Kato, Sara Mitsuki, Tsubasa Shibasaki, Aya Hasegawa

Series: Pretty Little Asians series


 Pretty Little Asians has turned 50- #50 that is; and Third World Media/Asian Eyes Pictures is very happy to present the latest edition in our flagship series.

Japanese girls have changed a bit over the years since we started shooting in Japan.

length: 165 minutes

Tags: pretty little asians 50

Scenes from Pretty Little Asians #50

Scene 1 - big pointy boobies, and ultra-thick ass and thighs

Starring: Aya Hasegawa


Description: Aya Hasegawa is 21 and has been brought up on a mixed diet of traditional Japanese and unhealthy American crap. The result is an innocent Japanese girl with super cute face, big pointy boobies, and ultra-thick ass and thighs. She dresses up in a Nurse costume in order to provide some urgent care for Shaggy Nakadashi and his cohort Bushy Nakamura. She starts her treatment with a very erotic double handjob followed by some evenly timed oral injections for both the boys. Her shirt comes off to expose her thick rack, which bounces around as Shaggy revs her up for one of his patented Cream Pies. Her clit inflates like a balloon as Shaggys hi-octane cum comes dripping out.. Bushy, being Shaggys best friend, has no problems jumping right into her cream-filled hole and fucking her into a screaming frenzy. He finishes off his treatment by filling her hungry mouth with a very healthy load of his own.  

Scene 2 - he breaks out 2 vibrators for this youngster to try

Starring: Megumi Kato


Description: Megumi Kato is a fair-skinned, 20 year old girl with short, reddish tinted hair. We follow her from a coffee shop to a park where she devours some sweet Japanese candy and talks dirty to our cameraman Stumpy Yamamoto. Her ass is thick and juicy and Stumpy opens it up wide for the world to see. Stumpy is a total pervert at heart as he breaks out 2 vibrators for this youngster to try. She enjoys them quite a bit as her body quivers and she cums over and over again. After a very slurpy BJ, she crams Stumpys cock in her pussy for some quick fucking before she pulls it out and sucks on it like another piece of sweet candy. She apparently enjoys this, as she goes PTM over and over again, and she screams in ecstasy as Stumpy finishes her off with a messy creampie in the shower. This girl could use some protein especially after all the sweets, and the tip of Stumpys cum-dripping cock gives her exactly what she needs to tied her through to her next snack.  

Scene 3 - her panty line shows a wet spot from all the excitement

Starring: Tsubasa Shibasaki


Description: Tsubasa Shibasaki is waiting in front of a subway station as Shaggy, Bushy and Stumpy coerce her into a drive around Tokyo in their Ruv Bus. This soft and fleshy 20 year old does not quite know what she has gotten into, as Stumpy starts to undress her to show off her pointy tits, thick legs and thighs. In between those thick thighs is a panty line which shows off a fresh wet spot from all the excitement thus far. Stumpy busts out a vibrator and gets her off, as traffic on the busy Tokyo streets roars by. She winds up blowing Stumpy roadside before Bushy decides to jump in for his own fill of this juicy J-angel. He gets her thick ass shaking, as he drops nut deep inside her mostly shaved love hole. His cream starts to oozes out as it soils the Ruv Buss custom rear upholstery. The action is never done until Shaggy gets his turn as well, and he rides her hard for a quickie that he finishes all over her very large and round buttocks.  

Scene 4 - Her ass is extremely rare for a Japanese girl

Starring: Sara Mitsuki


Description: Sara Mitsuki is a super hot 20 year old with perky nipples and trim beaver. Her ass is extremely rare for a Japanese girl. It is big, thick and beautiful with a perfect puffy camel toe up front. Stumpy, Bushy and Scabby seem to really enjoy this very rare treat. They put a vibrator right on her poop chute and play with her pussy which quickly producers some sudsy J-juice. Stumpy can not stand the excitement anymore as he quickly succumbs to her skillful cock sucking. Scabby follows suit and drops a thick one in her mouth as well before Bushy decides to ride this girl out for a while and cum all over her face. Scabby was not content with only a BJ and decides to follow Bushys lead. He fucks her worn out pussy hard and leaves her with a going away gift delivered way up and inside her fleshy pussy.  

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