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Pretty Little Asians #48

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 01/10/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025275

Models: Akitsu Kaoru, Marina Igawa, Kaho Noguchi, Yuu Shiraishi, Miho Onoya

Series: Pretty Little Asians series



Miho - this very cute 18 year old English major is all dressed up for Matsuri (festival), but never makes it outside as she gets distracted translating the male anatomy.

length: 180 minutes

Tags: pretty little asians 48

Scenes from Pretty Little Asians #48

Scene 1 - she explains why not to wear a bra or panties under a Yukata

Starring: Miho Onoya


Description: Miho is the epitomy of Kawaii. Only 18, with silky smooth white skin, firm little body, and sexy little mole on her chin. She is dressed in her Yukata (summer festival Kimono), and is very happy to give us all a lesson in Japanese. Her English skills are excellent, as she explains why she does not wear a bra or panties under her Yukata. Whatever the reason really is, we are pretty sure it has something to do with the ability to slip a hard cock between her legs at a moments notice. She does just that, and proudly shows-off, in English of course, the sappy cum load she gets dumped all over her pretty, young face.  

Scene 2 - riding our stallion and milking every last drop of love juice

Starring: Yuu Shiraishi


Description: Yuu Shiraishi did not get out much in her youth. The part of Japan she grew up in is not an exciting place. Moving to Tokyo has introduced this cute country-girl to many new things, including our local team of pussy hunters. She gladly shows off the skills she learned on the family farm, riding our stallion bareback and milking every last drop of love juice out of him with her highly underutilized fuck-hole.  

Scene 3 - red hair and perky little 18 year old tatas

Starring: Marina Igawa


Description: Marina looks just like a little doll dressed up in her see-through Maid costume with white lace stockings. She has red hair and perky little 18 year old tatas. Our #1 go-to-guy Bushy gets the call today, as he too enjoys Costume Play. He slops her young love box up nicely before feeding this youngster her daily intake of protein. Bushy leaves her looking even cuter than she did when they started, with a new Cum Mustache to go along with her Maid get-up.  

Scene 4 - She looks her best playing the rusty trombone

Starring: Akitsu Kaoru


Description: Kaori Akitsu is one VERY Hot MILF, with a world of experience to share with the youth of today. This lady was super cute in her own youth and now very hot and very sexy in her late 20s. She looks her best playing the rusty trombone and teasing our guys cock and ass with her skilled oral orifice. She wraps her well-oiled mud-flaps around his man-meat, and rides him like a Bullet Train before sucking up some hi-octane Japanese fuel inside her deep combustion chamber.  

Scene 5 - Kaho has perfect little girl titties with rock hard nipples

Starring: Kaho Noguchi


Description: Kaho Noguchi is our Super Kawaii Cover Girl! Just 18 years old, Kaho has perfect little girl titties with rock hard nipples. Her and her boyfriend do the Japanese nasty and record it all on their personal video camera for Our enjoyment. Kaho defines the true meaning of Kawaii, as she is sprawled out on the bed with her boyfriends big cum load plastered all over her flat little chest.  

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