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Naughty Little Asians #26

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 08/03/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026777

Models: Kasumi Matsumura, Kurumi Nohara, Manami Takahashi, Yuri Manaka

Series: Naughty Little Asians series



Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

Adult Video News (AVN) selected Naughty Little Asians as its best Ethnic Series in 2008 for a good reason- - No other series has continued to capture the raw naughtiness from the most innocent of purely ethnic Japanese girls.

length: 124 minutes

Tags: naughty little asians 26

Scenes from Naughty Little Asians #26

Scene 1 - her nipples are a rich tone resembling dark brown chocolate

Starring: Manami Takahashi


Description: Manami Takahashi is flashing back to her highschool days, wearing some bloomer shorts and a t-shirt with no bra on that exposes her fully erect nipple tips. Her boobs are a perfect handful and her nipples are a rich tone resembling dark brown chocolate. She sucks cock like a first-timer, working the entire shaft timidly from tip to base. She is smart enough to understand the importance of paying attention to the boys and butt as well, as she continues to work his pecker over for a long time. Our guy throws her into the traditional manguri-kaeshi position, massaging her meaty fuck hole as she stares on in amazement. Her fleshy lips suck his cock up deep inside her furry hole, as the 2 go hog-wild all over the Japanese tatami styled room. She cums hard and tries several positions, as her tiny boobs bounce and she screams like crazy before taking a healthy sized load smack dab in the center of her chest. She changes into a schoolgirl bathing suit and continues to suck cock in the shower as well, downing a second giant sized load in her mouth.  

Scene 2 - her highly skilled tongue is well trained in pleasing a man

Starring: Yuri Manaka


Description: Yuri Manaka is one super hot and very sexy J-babe. Behind her very sweet and innocent expression lies a sex starved, horny, young hottie who really knows how to make a man happy. She starts with the feet and works her way slowly up to his nipples and neck too. Her tongue is highly skilled and this girl has been thoroughly trained in how to please a man. She teases his ass and nuts with hot breaths from her mouth, before burying her tongue up his shit chute, all while stroking his cock. Her tits may be small but her nipple tips stand out straight from her chest like two chubby raisins waiting to be bitten. Her fuck hole is classic J-style, with soft furry hair surrounding the entire region. She uses a small vibrator to get herself off and cums hard before taking a hard J-cock between her small and skinny legs. Her tight midsection tightens as she gets cock crammed and screams louder and louder, cumming in multiples. This girl is the loudest screamer we have had in a long time and is finally silenced with an internal pop shot that slowly streams from her flourescent orange colored J-hole.  

Scene 3 - her teacher recommends a course in penis massage therapy

Starring: Kasumi Matsumura


Description: Kasumi Matsumura (cover girl) is a well known Japanese AV star, who has returned to school in an effort to strengthen more than just her pussy. But things are not going as planned, as her teacher recommends a course in penis massage therapy instead of her regular first period program. Off comes her school skirt and up goes her teachers fingers deep inside her well maintained J-vag. She sucks her teachers cock and then gets laid out on the classroom floor for an in depth lesson in sexual education. There isnt much more this girl can learn in this category, as she gets it and gives it good; cumming over and over again, before being rewarded with an A grade splattered across her tongue.  

Scene 4 - a baby face and a big set of all natural knockers

Starring: Kurumi Nohara


Description: Kurumi Nohara is a fresh young J-chick with a baby face and a big set of all natural knockers. She is barely 20 years old, ripe as a mellon and very ready to be a naughty girl. Despite her innocent nature and appearance, she is quick to strip and show us her g-string undies, massive J-rack and one of the largest over-inflated J-clits we have ever seen. Her cunt lips spread like a giant clam, as her clitoris protrudes from the very tip of her slice like a small penis. Her slow flowing J-sap is thick and very moist. She teases his cock and licks his hairy nut bag, before taking out some sexy glasses to where while cross-eyed sucking his knob. She knows where to lick and makes her way southbound to his ass and ball sack, before using her giant tits to fuck his hard dong. She takes it raw and in doggie to start, as thick white J-cream secretes from her sunflower, coating his and her own thick pubic patches. She gets it in several more positions and cums many times before taking his thick load deep inside her battered box, for a nice cream pie that dribbles its way out from between her thick J-flaps.  

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