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Naughty Little Asians #25

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 04/13/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026524

Models: Hina, Manaka, Yui Ishikawa, Mari, Tsugumi

Series: Naughty Little Asians series



Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

Naughty Little Asians #25 brings together a brand new selection of 5- First Time Japanese Girls - Girls that no one would ever Imagine would show up in a porno!! While these youngsters may appear innocent, they are truly Naughty in their sexual nature; especially when the camera starts to roll!! These J-babes come in a pleasant assortment of shapes and sizes too!!!! 

length: 135 minutes

Tags: naughty little asians 25

Scenes from Naughty Little Asians #25

Scene 1 - school work was secondary to all the fucking she was doing

Starring: Hina


Description: Hina (Cover Girl) is 23 years old and admits to a troubled past; where school work was secondary to all the fucking she was doing. She loves her tits being fondled and her clit being rubbed and has even pissed all over a guys face before. She gets herself off in pure J-girl style with a vibrator, before letting our guy lick up the fresh sap her pussy just generated. Her teeth maybe fucked up, but her lips function well, as she works our guys hairy cock and nuts over very sensually. Her frame is skinny and her chocolate colored tits are small, while her semi hairy fuck hole is tight and hungry for meat. She gets her fill of cock and a load of cum for good measure.  

Scene 2 - she screams and we shut her up with a couple of stiff cocks

Starring: Mari


Description: Mari is young and very cute with a pretty smile. She has a tattoo on her back and a pierced naval, which she shows off in the bath tub before sucking down a hard cock. This flat chested hotty is starving for both man meat and money, and is ready to spread her ultra hairy J-beaver at the slightest flash of some yen. The big vibrator gets her long pubic hairs to stand on end, as her pussy starts to fill with slush. She cums really hard and screams very loud, before we shut her up with a couple of stiff J-cocks. One in her mouth while the other crams her bushy box; all bareback of course. One guy pulls out and blows big on her pierced belly, before the other preps her hole for some more battering. He pulls out in mish and drops off a nice puddle in the same place his buddy did.  

Scene 3 - a first timer who resembles a little Japanese piglet

Starring: Manaka


Description: Manaka is a first timer who resembles a little piglet. She is far from the cutest J-chick in the country, but shows us a little slutiness with her bleached hair and a hard cock stuffed down her mouth. She strips naked while being blind folded in the doorway of her house. Her pudgy belly jiggles, as her man leads her outside the house to have some rare outdoor sex. He bends her over and back doors her, before moving the party back inside. She rinses off in the tub and sucks a little dong as well, before laying on her back and waiting for a high tech J-dildo to work her hairy cunt over. She cries like a little piglet before a cock finally shuts her up. That cock makes its way to her hairy hole and drills it clean, as her fat belly shakes. Her tubby ass shakes like an earthquake, as he gives it to her in doggie and flips her over, filling her jelly belly with some creamy J-spooge.  

Scene 4 - She works her own vag over with a crazy Japanese vibrator

Starring: Tsugumi


Description: Tsugumi is not the kind of girl one would picture in an adult movie. She is kind of cute and kind of weird at the same time. But her body is pretty, her tits fresh and her J-bush very thick and hairy. She washes herself and cleans our cameramans cock with some thick soap. She works her own vag over with a crazy Japanese vibrator and spreads her legs to let our guy do the rest. She moans and groans very nicely before clamping her own mouth around a hard ding dong. She may not look like a girl who can suck a good cock, but to our surprise she sucks and fucks very well. She has a thick frame with nice sized tits and rides a penis like she has done it many times before. He fucks her hard and blows in his condom which she takes off and squeezes all the cum out of.  

Scene 5 - a rare and rather large J-booty and some large tatas as well


Description: Yui is a 22 year old girl with a little extra meat on her bones than your average J-girl. It has filled her out nicely; giving her a rare and rather large J-booty and some large tatas as well. She fucks so much that she lost count of how many guys she has had. She washes our cameraman down and readies him for an experience. Her soapland skills are obvious, as she massages his ball sack, erotically strokes his dick and licks his nipples almost to the point of orgasm. She dries off and hits the sheets, going solo on her own hairy and very meaty flesh box. She grabs hold of the cameramans cock with her mouth and shows her professionalism as she works it over very well with no hands at all. This girl has sucked some cock before and stares our cameraman in the eyes, as she deep swallows his shaft and his ball sack too. She hops on for a ride and fucks our guy hard, before he pulls out and she sucks his cum into her highly -trained oral orifice.  

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