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Naughty Little Asians #24

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 09/01/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026203

Models: Eri, Rika Kitano, Miki, Kaori Akitsu

Series: Naughty Little Asians series



Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

Contrary to popular belief, very nice Japanese girls can actually be very Naughty. Naughty Little Asians #24 showcases 4 fresh J- chicks who take their anger out in a rather sexual kind of way- fucking guys in the ass, pouring hot wax on them, pulling out their pubic hairs, whipping them, slapping them, kicking them, and generally talking down to them like pieces of shit. This little bit of naughty truely does bring back the very nice in these Japanese girls. 

length: 150 minutes

Tags: naughty little asians 24

Scenes from Naughty Little Asians #24

Scene 1 - wears her uniform with pride but is just as proud to take it off

Starring: Rika Kitano


Description: Rika Kitano is an "OL," better known as an Office Lady. She wears her company uniform with pride, but she is equally as proud to strip it off for her company as well. She starts to discipline an annoying male co-worker, by stomping on and torutring him on the office floor. Unfortunately for her, the more she hits him the more he seems to enjoy it. So she continues to slap him around and stomp on his nuts. She spits water in his mouth and slaps his ass silly. She pulls out her very pretty and all natural rack that she uses to caress his beaten body. He gives her a small vibrator to stimulate her very pronounced clit and flesh-red gash with. He gets her a second and then a third vibrator, each larger than the next for her to try. All this masterbation stimulated the appetite for cock in her mouth, as she goes to town on his third member. He lays her out on the office floor and feeds her hungry fuck hole some more of the same. Her ample titties bounce and her hard mid-section tightens, as she vaginally swallows his meat and her pussy goes on auto pilot as it suck up his cock. They go long and hard before he pulls out and cums all over her. This naughty girl still will not be nice to this co-worker....  

Scene 2 - Her victim today is a scrawny Japanese dude with a weird mask

Starring: Miki


Description: Miki is a dominatrix by night. She uses this interest to relieve her inner stress on unsuspecting guys. Her victim today is a scrawny Japanese dude, tied up with a funny mask on, as she starts to spank, whip, and generally degrade him. She gets some clamps and puts them on his ass cheeks before whipping him over and over again. She grabs a candle and hot waxes his ass. It is time for some cock torture, as she slaps his little thing and and twists his nuts around. She clamps the tip of his cock and plucks his pubic hair out, before putting clamps on his nut sack as well.  

Scene 3 - Her fuck hole is furry, but her mouth is soft

Starring: Eri


Description: After such relief from all the torturing she did. Miki decides instead to fuck her victims friend, who is much better looking than he is. Miki is an extremely horny girl, with a tight body and very perky dark nipples. Her fuck hole is furry, but her mouth is soft, as she skillfully sucks his cock, balls and bung hole. She spits in his ass and then goes to town drilling out his shitter with her tongue. They start to fuck on the floor and MIki loves it all, moaning, groaning and begging for more. He pulls out temporaraly to lick her fresh fucked hole and then continues to give her multiple orgasms and a solid load right on her to top things off.  

Scene 4 - she comes to clean but winds up torturing his ass and nuts

Starring: Kaori Akitsu


Description: Eri Yoshino likes to dress up like a cute and innocent maid, but being Naughty is her real business. She comes to clean a customers room, but winds up torturing his ass and nuts with her trusty whip. He seems to like it and begs for more, as she steps on and kicks him around a bit. She has long dark hair and a very dark and furry beaver as well. Her hole is covered in sap that seeps between her fuzzy bush. She sticks a vibrator in her cunt and his cock in her mouth, as he prepares to unleash some revenge on her for all the ass whipping she gave him.. He barebacks his way to a sloppy orgasm, that spills out all over the bed and onto himself as well. His buddy comes in to finish up the job correctly. He rams it in her, and outfucks his friend, while making her big titties jiggle and her untamed forest come to life. He pulls out spraying some seed on her jelly belly.  

Scene 5 - she reaches around the front while orally rimming his asshole

Starring: Rika Kitano, Miki, Kaori Akitsu, Eri


Description: Kaori Akitsu is one very hot mom. She does her housework in the buff and awakes her husband by grinding his cock and playing with his nipples. This girl knows what a man needs, and is ultra erotic as she squeezes his tits and teases his entire body. She puts him on all fours and teaches him a lesson for not waking up sooner, by smacking his ass around. She reaches around front to make nice to his cock, while rimming his asshole with her tongue. She plays the rusty trombone well, despite his very hairy mouthpiece. She sucks his cock and licks his ultra hairy balls with extreme eroticism. She pulls off her panties and shoves her cunt in his face, force feeding him her well used chute. Her draping mud flaps are indication of extreme use, which likely accounts for her wild sexuality. She spreads her wings and slowly inserts his cock inside. She fucks him as he lays on his back and she does all the work. He lays her down and hard slams her hole before cumming on her chest and saying good morning.  

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