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Miss Big Ass Brazil #6

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 09/08/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026210

Models: Daniela, Talita Brandao, Dany Duran, Ebony, Camile

Series: Miss Big Ass Brazil series


Big fat bubble asses fuck cock better! There is no question about that fact; and it holds even more true in the country of Brazil, where fat bottomed girls reign supreme. Anal sex is the norm, and Brazilian asses are well equipped to handle the challenge.

length: 180 minutes

Tags: miss big ass brazil 6

Scenes from Miss Big Ass Brazil #6

Scene 1 - 2 cute fang teeth and a very fat ass

Starring: Talita Brandao


Description: Talita is our very sexy and very fat-assed Cover Girl for this volume! She is blonde with big tits and a signature thick ass. She has 2 cute fang teeth that add even more to her appeal. She calls a contractor over to her ghetto apartment, which is in bad need of repair and cleaning. He dozes off on the job but gets awakened to Talita flashing him her ass and cramming her tongue down his throat. He chews on her torn up fuck hole and plays with her massive titties. Her beautiful jugs and huge aerola sag low as she sucks his big one on all fours. She points her big booty northward as he quickly starts slammin her pussy from behind. He stuffs her pussy and ass full of cock as she rides him out in the still dirty room. Her huge ass melts like butter as he pounds away at it. Its back to her thrashed vagina before he spills his seed all over her vaginal flaps. He then sticks his cum coated cock straight back into her ass for some clean up.  

Scene 2 - a butt that rivals any of her black sistas

Starring: Dany Duran


Description: Dany Duran is a tall, white chick with dark hair and a butt that rivals any of her black sistas.. Her legs are very long, leading to her juicy bung that is young and fresh. Her g-string bikini gets swallowed up by her ass cleavage, while his cock disappears down her mouth. Her baby face sucks and spits on his fat meat before she mounts his shaft, letting her big booty spank his thighs as she takes a wild ride. He warms up her shitter with a couple of fingers buried deep inside, throwing both her ass and pussy into secretion overdrive, as white puss drains from both. She cleans up all the excrete with her mouth, getting his cock ready for the inside of her poop chute. She rubs her puffed up puss as he plugs her big butt and stretches her shitter to the limit. He pulls out and drops her down, to take his entire load all over her young and formerly innocent face.  

Scene 3 - a bubbly ass on a skinny girl that opens wide for a meaty shlong

Starring: Daniela


Description: Daniela is a tall, streamline brunette with a thick ass crammed into a mini skirt. She sits with her man poolside, peeling the clothes from her thick rump. Her bra and panties comes off, exposing her slightly saggy boobs and gullwinged fuck hole. But her man doesnt mind, as he spreads her wings and devours her fleshy cunt lips. She has a bubbly ass for a skinny girl, which opens wide for his meaty shlong to penetrate. Her meat curtains swing open and closed, clapping to a happy melody, as she rides his fat shaftn with her ass. He fills her holes chock full of cock, switching things up between her juicy booty and front door. He winds up blowing big in her gaping shit chute and feeding all the residual to her hungry mouth.  

Scene 4 - Ebony is straight out of the Amazon

Starring: Ebony


Description: Ebony is straight out of the Amazon. She is a darker skinned, small girl with a very pronounced rump and huge set of very lovely natural boobs. The look on her face screams of wild sex, while her thick ass is shouting out for hard cock. Her shaved pussy is filled with sap, which her man stirs around with his fingers, feeding it to her starving mouth. Her appetite requires much more, so she ingests his cock with her mouth first before hopping on to swallow it with her fuck hole. Her big boobies bounce as her bubble butt shakes and spins on his pole. Her ass is a bit tight, but quickly loosens up to accept his stiff gift. He switches frequently between her ass and pussy, stirring up an exotic Brazilian stew. He finishes this Amazonian off with a healthy load straight down her throat, leaving a little residual across her sexy face.  

Scene 5 - a perfect black girl ass on her white girl frame

Starring: Camile


Description: Camile is a fair skinned, blonde Brazilian who likes her men on the darker side. She meets up with her man on the streets, making their way back to her apartment. Camile is very sexy, with a perfect black girl ass on her white girl frame. Her rack is an all natural set of perfectly shaped hooters capped off with pink and pretty white-girl nipples. Her beaver is pretty, pink and hairless, making things easy for him when drilling it out with his black monster. Her thick thighs suck his cock, in and out of her bright white buttox. Her pretty tits jiggle in rhythm to the ass pounding this brotha is dishin out. He pulls out to toss his load off all over her bright white butt.  

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