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Miss Big Ass Brazil #5

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 04/28/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025961

Models: Anita Ferrari, Monica Santiago, Mayara Shelson, Cristina Mayer, Larissa Lins

Series: Miss Big Ass Brazil series


Third World Media has unearthed an intriguing and ultra rare species in the Southern hemisphere. These creatures roam the streets of major Brazilian cities and collectively share booties that are bigger than any other primate known to man.

length: 154 minutes

Tags: miss big ass brazil 5

Scenes from Miss Big Ass Brazil #5

Scene 1 - beautifully tanned skin and a massive white billboard-sized ass

Starring: Larissa Lins


Description: Larissa Lins is our fat-assed, hot blonde Cover Girl, with beautifully tanned skin, g-string bikini tan lines, and a massive white billboard-sized ass She is laying on her bed, adorned in a green nightie, warming up her pussy as her man walks in to help speed things along. This Latin guy wastes no time heading for her best parts, as he devours her thick ass and pretty, pink pussy. She grabs hold of his cock with her mouth, sucking hard and very deep. She slobbers and sucks his balls, as he slaps her ass around in preparation for an oncoming anal incursion. He starts with her pussy, as she hops on top with her big ass slapping his thighs and rolling around like the Atlantic ocean. Her ass changes gears to auto pilot, as it swallows every last inch of his hard dong. He heads up her back door, which she handles with ease, as he begins to put her most prominent feature to the test. They get wild and go animal style, as her foul fuck mouth begs for even more. He spits in her ass repeatedly and he power strokes her bunghole long enough to cause massive anal trauma. He slams even harder and pulls out to cum all over her ass and hairless pink pussy. He quickly sticks it back in to deposit some cum in her ass, simply for therapeutic reasons. She is thankful, as she plays with the excess just for kicks and giggles.  

Scene 2 - one wonders how well her ass will serve as a flotation device

Starring: Monica Santiago


Description: Monica Santiago is a thick-skinned, compact girl with dark hair and a very sexy, wrestler-like physique. Her tits are far from huge, leaving her strongest attributes for the waste down. Notable is the size of the ass this smaller girl is lugging around. As she wades in the pool, wearing a pink bikini, one must wonder how well her ass will serve as a floatation device. This girl likes da brothas, and has one munch on her fat ass as it sways in the pool. This guy is in love with the taste of her melon bottom, and he cannot stop eating her out. She stands her thick ass tall up in the air using her massive thighs to support it. She devours his 11 inch monster cock like a piece of dark, luxury chocolate. He splits her pink but bottoms out about half way in, however he knows that her thick ass will handle much, much more. She has a foul mouth and talks dirtier the more and more he sticks it to her. Her big booty bounces from side to side and up and down as it rides his thick shaft. She moves her ass like she is doing the samba on a thick, dark dance pole. He plugs her ass every which way imaginable before pulling out, cumming all over her backdoor and sticking it straight up her front portal again. From one hole to the next, pussy to ass and finally in her mouth, for her to lick the entire mess up. This girl is beyond nasty.  

Scene 3 - her thick butt is very distinguishable as it shakes around

Starring: Anita Ferrari


Description: Anita Ferarri likes her men to be big and black. She is a dark-skinned Latina who appears slightly Indian in her sub-species. Like most regular girls, she has long dark hair and a cute baby face. But her thick butt is very distinguishable, as it shakes around for her black comrade. He licks her shitter as a warm up exercise for the impeding slaughter of her anus. She grabs his monster cock with her lips, and stuffs her mouth around more than half of his fat, 11 plus incher. This girl has man-handled raw Brazilian beef bigger than this, so nothing is odd as she spits, chokes and gags all over it. Her pussy is warm and very inviting, as he stuffs it full of well-done cock. Her ass moves to overdrive as it tears a path up and down his massive phallus. Her ass may be big but the hole itself appears tiny. That is until he taps it, and realizes it is actually looser and more capable of swallowing his entire hog. She pulls it out of her ass to suck on a bit, before he heads right back in for more. He keeps fucking and fucking, till finally pulling out, and aiming for her mouth, cumming deep down her throat and all over her lips, creating a textbook cum-stache.  

Scene 4 - Her huge ass is crammed into very tight jeans

Starring: Mayara Shelson


Description: Mayara Shelson is a dark skinned Latina who also appears to originate from the same Indian species that Anita does. She is on the street waiting for her man to come. Her huge ass is crammed into very tight jeans and her dark hair is long and sexy. Her man loves her for her fat ass, while her pretty face is not such a bad thing either. Her body is luscious and her pussy is thick like her ass, and both are very cleanly shaven. Her ass forms a perfect bubble shape and he cant keep his hands off of it. She grabs his cock and slaps it on her own face while ramming it in and out of her mouth. Her thick booty swallows every last inch of his sausage and moves swiftly on his hard shaft. She likes the front door a lot, but knows what her magical ass was made for. He knows too, and fills her shitter full of cock and nuts. They spoon ultra hard before he pulls out of her ass to cum all over her thick-lipped Amazonian mug.  

Scene 5 - she makes the ground shake with her huge and very firm booty

Starring: Cristina Mayer


Description: Cristina Mayer makes the ground shake with her huge and very firm booty, as it jiggles from side to side while she struts her stuff poolside. She has a baby face and a very pretty smile. Her butt crack swallows up her string bikini, as her black boyfriend searches for her bunghole with his tongue. This guy loves to eat a good ass and there are few better prepared than Cristinas. She is a Latin girl with a tight body, long dark hair and a monster sized booty. He starts to fuck her pussy and then heads back to her mouth for a round of throat fucking and ball licking. He jams all of his 12 inch black Brazilian banana down her throat, and she easily handles every last bit of it. He rams her pussy over and over, but cant stand her tightness, as he busts one in her mouth before quickly readying himself for round two. She teases his nuts and jumps on his stiff one for another ride. Her ass moves with precision mechanics, up and down his hard cock, jiggling from side to side. He pulls out of her pussy and feeds her hungry mouth over and over, before splittin her butt cheeks and pile driving her anus. He slaps her around a bit before pulling out of her ass and going back and forth to her pussy. He continues to pound away, before pulling out and sticking it deep down her throat for a second major load.  

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