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Little Asian Transsexuals #14

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 02/23/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026487

Models: Bee, Eve, Grace, Toei

Series: Little Asian Transsexuals series


New Ladyboys hit the streets of Bangkok and Pattaya all the time. Month after month and year after year, these new chicks with nice dicks get even hotter, making them harder and harder to distinguish from your average female teenager. Their clothes and makeup surpass that of real girls, as does their sexual prowess, which tends to overflow with creamy excitement as their encounters with nice foreign men pave their way toward womanhood.

length: 163 minutes

Tags: chicks with dicks, little asian transsexuals 14

Scenes from Little Asian Transsexuals #14

Scene 1 - Grace gets fed some hot Brazillian beef

Starring: Grace


Description: Grace is a highschool drop out who still enjoys wearing her old school clothes. Just 18 years old, this hot little thing has thick lips, juicy tits, long legs and a healthy sized hog that our cameraman Dimitri can not keep his hands off of. Between her skinny legs and out of her white panties pops an uncut 7 inch Thai bologna with plenty of precum for Dimitri to use as lube as he strokes her young wiener. Her nuts are still very tight; a testament to her youth and inexperience. Allan feeds this young one some hard Brazilian beef, while he strokes her sack and prepares her ass for a thumping. Her chubby one stays stiff and pointed northbound from start to finish. Allans body and cock size are double what this girl should be able to handle and her tiny anus approaches the brink of over-capacity as he fills her to the brim. His cock penetrates more than just her ass, effecting other internal organs as well as it makes its way somewhere near her stomach. He keeps her skinny legs split back behind her ears, as she jerks herself off, landing a huge, creamy cumshot on her own tight mid section. The size and thickness of her load speaks volumes to her youth, as does her ability to handle Allans anal bastardization and watery cum load on her firm bosom.  

Scene 2 - Eve's ass is warm and smooth like Thai silk

Starring: Eve


Description: Eve is tall, slim and so very cute. She has long dark hair and big eyes with pig tails and girly socks on. She strokes her stiffie through her panties and pulls her firm breasts out of her tube top; squeezing and splashing fresh tranny lactate all over our camera lens. Her massive weenie is not only long but also very fat; especially for an Asian girl. She needs two hands to fully stroke her monster, Allan trades licks and kisses with her lolli-cock; completely fascinated by her tremendous size and exquisite Thai taste. He tries to pleasure her orally but admits that her cock maybe too big for even his mouth to handle. They sword fight instead, preparing her for what Allan does best; breaking in young trannys shit chutes. Her ass is warm and smooth like Thai silk, as Allan sinks in and strokes away. Her thick shaft stands firmly as Allan reams her ass out even deeper than it was originally intended. He pulls out and offloads on her golden brown butt cheeks before she flips over, scoops up some of Allans cream and uses it to stroke her shaft to the point of a small watery climax.  

Scene 3 - Bee gets her shitter drilled out

Starring: Bee


Description: Bee is our beautiful Cover Girl for this volume. She is young and very sweet with the cutest and friendliest of faces. Just 18 years old and on video for the first time ever, young Bee is bound to be a superstar. There is nothing boyish about this shemale; other than the hard, long foreskin covered snake between her legs. Her tits are small and all natural budding boobs; the likely product of her many hormone injections. Dimitri is fascinated by the size of her schlong; particularly in comparison to the petite size of her body. His big dong drills her shitter out, carving a path wide enough for the new Bangkok expressway. Her cock starts to flop as she rides on top in RCG. The more the flop, the harder her cock swells to maximum density. They mutually jerk off, as Allan blows big and little Bee mixes in a batch of her own watered down cream to really mess things up. She toys with her cum logged cock before saying goodbye.  

Scene 4 - Toei's cock is harder than rock

Starring: Toei


Description: Toei has been on the Bangkok scene for only a short time now. Barely 18, she adorns her high school cheerleader dress and gives us a couple of cheers to remember the moment. She is cute and natural with braces and speaks English very well. Her girly face and nice tits conflict drastically with her long, hard third member. Pre-cum fills her foreskin, as Dimitri peels her cap back and readies her for a cock grappling and ass fucking session with Allan. Toeis cock is harder than a rock and never sits down once, as Allan teaches this young one the ropes. She rides his cock, feverishly stroking her own knob preparing to drop some fertile tranny seed in her own hand. Hormones have thinned out her load, but for Allan it does not matter much, as he continues to spread her wings and deep thrust her anus; ending with a watery facial of his own for little Toei. She licks and swishes the cum around on her face, staring into the camera with her baby eyes to say goodbye.  

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