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Little Asian Cocksuckers #15

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 12/14/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026975

Models: Rui Aikawa, Natsuki Iijima, Minami Otsuki, Sakura, Miku Hayama, Yuuka Sato, Sayuri, Nana Takeuchi, Yuri Manaka

Series: Little Asian Cocksuckers series


Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

Asian chicks like to suck cock and they ceretainly have very erotic ways of doing so. They all share a similar cuteness in the way they approach a cock that is standing ready to get sucked. The way these girls actually go about the sucking though, is different from girl to girl; and there is no place better than Little Asian Cocksuckers to expose and highlight these beautiful differences...

length: 162 minutes

Tags: little asian cocksuckers 15

Scenes from Little Asian Cocksuckers #15

Scene 1 - Welcome to Tokyo Bitch!!!

Starring: Sakura


Description: Sakura (Covergirl) is an American born Asian chick who loves Japan. She loves Japan so much she is willing to suck, deep throat, and gag herself in order to stay in the country. Her tits are bigger than most Japanese chicks and her mouth is much more hungry. She spits, flems and strokes a Japanese wiener with conviction; earning her right to stay in Japan with a massive cum glob splattered across her face, in her mouth and dripping off her chin. Wlecome to Tokyo Bitch!!!  

Scene 2 - textbook titties and very furry bush to boot

Starring: Natsuki Iijima


Description: Natsuki Iijima has textbook titties and very furry bush to boot. Her massive, all natural rack and a stupid look on her face signals guys that this chick knows how to suck a dick. 4 guys grope and tickle her body as she giggles wildly. The only way to shut her up is to cram her mouth full of 4 J-cocks and then let each one cum one after another all over her wide spread pussy hole.  

Scene 3 - 4 guys get together to grope her

Starring: Miku Hayama


Description: Miku Hayama has a baby face and is very shy. Particularly when 4 guys get together to grope her. They fuck her arm pits, her tiny tits and rub their cocks all over her face... One cock after another is smeared in her young face and up her nostrils, pretending not to like it before getting load after load splattered on her face, up her nose and in her armpits too.  

Scene 4 - Her hang tooth scraping cock is what really heats things up

Starring: Minami Otsuki


Description: Minami Otsuki has long hair and long legs, not to mention a very pretty face and body as well. Her eyes are large and her lips are large; just waiting for a hard dong to suck on. Her tits are perfect hand sized models with ultra reactive nipple tips that stand up proudly from the end of her soft bosom. Her bright pink pussy and virgin anus are only the start of this girls real appeal. Her hang tooth rubbing against a cock is what really heats things up, as cum flies and lands in her mouth, on her face and and then up her nose too.  

Scene 5 - sucks her way to a big blast all over her flat chest

Starring: Nana Takeuchi


Description: Nana Takeuchi is a skinny young thing with pointy little nipples and bleached out hair. She no-hands a hard whanker and deep throats it as she works for her big prize. She practices her deep throat and never uses her hands other than to rub her own pussy and pubic hair which stands on end, as she sucks her way to a big blast all over her chest and in her shallow cleavage too.  

Scene 6 - moderately hairy hole and big fleshy meat eating vagina lips

Starring: Yuri Manaka


Description: Yuri Manaka has a moderately hairy hole and big fleshy meat eating vagina lips. She tugs on her Japanese roast beef lips and opens her hungry hole for all to view, before opening up her oral orifice for some cock gobbling. 2 dicks invade her mouth as she professionally finishes each one off with loads blown on each of her little pointy nipple tips. She has fun playing with all the residual cum.  

Scene 7 - small legs, short hair, tight pussy and air tight ass

Starring: Yuuka Sato


Description: Yuuka Sato is a tiny girl with smal legs, short hair, tight pussy and air tight ass. Her pussy is all natural and very fuzzy and her mouth is very warm and inviting too, as she sucks a mean wang with her school girl dress still on. A large load fills her mouth, then makes its way out of her mouth, into her hand and back in her mouth again.  

Scene 8 - She gobbles up the cum before getting 2 more loads on her

Starring: Rui Aikawa


Description: Rui Aikawa has long legs and a clean shaven puss. She jams two fingers in her hole, getting herself off and licking her fresh juices from her fingers as she goes. She is ultra erotic and begs for someone to eat her sapping wet fuck hole. Our guy obliges as she gets herself off with one guy eating her slice while she sucks another cock to an orgasm on her face and in her mouth. She gobbles up the cum before getting 2 more loads splattered on her, as she spreads her light pink hole in two, providing some mind blowing closeups of her anatomy for our camera.  

Scene 9 - Sayuri is an American born and bred bitch

Starring: Sayuri


Description: Sayuri is an American born and bred bitch, who went to Japan thinking she would become famous. Well, she became famous alright; however it was not for the talents she was expecting. Her cock sucking skills became the talk of the Japanese adult industry for a short time. She sucks balls and stares straight into the camera as she works a local cock over well with her mouth, tongue, lips and pussy before it blows big snowcapping its tip and absorbing into her skin as mousterizer.  

Scene 10 - girl with thick lips, big tits and a juicy butt.

Starring: Sakurako Kagami


Description: Sakurako Kagami is a big juicy girl with thick lips, big tits and a juicy butt. She also has one of the furriest pussies around and sucks a mean dick for a young schoolgirl. She does the 69 as her hairy monster gets licked and her mouth gets busy sucking up some hi-octane Japanese sperm. Cum coats her hands but luckily does not soil her schoolgirl dress.  

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